Friday, May 19, 2006

Test Driven Development on the AS/400 - Does it exist?

Anyone out there? If so, are you doing test driven developmen on the AS/400? TDD is alive and kicking in some sectors of the software engineering community, but where I make my humble living, it's not even heard of.

Oh, I'm not saying we don't test our AS/400 code changes, I'm saying we don't develop our code based on tests. For most folks, and you'd do well to keep inline, they come up with tests after the fact, or trust the users to go off in isolation and dream up some poorly worded tests.

Anyway, so be thinking TDD or test driven development, on AS/400s in RPG/LE, Java, CLE, or maybe even in the PASE environment with *nix shell commands. How would you do it? What tools would you use? Would it have a web component? Would it be well integrated?

I'm all excited about doing something like this, and me not being the Lord's gift to programming like some folks, I'd rather get some guidance and instruction on which way to go here. Heck, feel free to point me to some good software products, even your own. :)

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