Friday, May 19, 2006

Utata Goes To The Movies

Utata Goes To The Movies

Like pictures? Love the movies? Then you need to visit Utata Goes to the Movies.

So who/what is Utata?

Utata, the tribal photography, is about ordinary and not so ordinary folks who capture and share the world around them by camera, verse and more. In the spirit of that, they host several photo and verse driven projects, such as Utata Thursday Walk.

So what is Utata Goes To The Movies?

The Utata folks from Flickr got together and collected photos inspired by and/or tied into existing movies. Not just action flicks or love stories, but several distinct categories. The pictures, combined with famous quotes, and great tribute descriptions is lots of fun. The result is simply amazing.

Go check it out at the link above and stay at Utata to check out the projects and other great things.

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