Friday, June 30, 2006

Can you guess my new nephews name?

Nuh uh. I am.
Originally uploaded by R80o.
Hmm, does this picture give you a hint?

So, who invented donughts?

STLtoday - Life & Style - Health & Fitness

Fun little article courtesy of the Post Dispatch online and Barbara Quinn, a writer for Knight Ridder.
The story of the world's first dieters, Adam and Eve.

Laugh today, I'll be,

Still Memory - Photoblog

Still Memory

Irina Souiki is software developer living in Toronto, Canada. From her pictures though, you'd swear her full time job is taking photographs! This lady's work is always engaging, often fun, and will sometimes stop you dead in your tracks, your eyes glued.

Irina not only works and photoblogs at her own site, but co-manages, a site you've seen extol before. She maintains also her own Flickr stream, and can often be found hanging out there, commenting and sharing.

Please take a few moments to check out Still Memory. You'll enjoy a simple interface, and great photography. Tell her Tojosan sent you.

Your photomaven friend,

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Big weekend plans?

What are your big plans this weekend? Do you live in the St. Louis area?

Have you considered going out to the zoo? Some new friends from the St. Louis Photobloggers group went there a few weekends ago. We had a great time making conversation, taking pictures and touring the zoo.

The photoblogging brought a whole new aspect to the zoo for me. On my last visit years ago, I vaguely remember just trying to see everything and anything. Heck, probably didn't even stop to appreciate much of what I saw. More of a checklist mode. (saw big bear - check, saw chimps - check, saw scary gator - check) This visit didn't go slow exactly but the speed was in the between areas, so we could spend plenty of time doing things like taking pictures and talking.

One of my favorites from that visit is this one:


I discovered that I didn't want to rush through the exhibits anymore. The desire to stay on at each one was overwhelming. Not just glimpsing anymore but taking the time to see was a whole different feeling.

Because of this visit, I'm now strongly considering a membership and planning some visits ahead of time. Planning on spending not just 15 minutes in the butterfly house but an hour or whatever time it takes to capture the beauty hidden there.

So take time out my friends, enjoy your weekend, and consider you local zoo. But this time, take the time, and don't rush through the exhibits, but rush to spend some quality time at each one.

Your bear of blogger,

Google Checks Out

Google Checkout

So did the world really need another Paypal? Or is that what it is?

Google announced today 'Google Checkout'. Google's Checkout is their version of a preregistered online purchasing/payment system. Much like Paypal, you set up your credit card ahead of time, so purchasing is just one step away at the virtual checkout counter.

I was able to register in less than a minute at Of course, I already have a Google account. It immediately took me to their intro page where a set of images and text explains the basic use of Checkout.

Beneath the instructional area and on the left, is a list of stores, with links, to try out your new Checkout setup. On the right hand side, a list of stores with links, and coupon codes, valued at $10.

Not a bad way to jump start the buying I guess, but almost a bit too obvious a push. On the flip side, my first question would be about where I could use it. Of the stores listed, RitzCamera and Aeropostale are ones I might actually shop at.

Like other Google interfaces, this initial page is otherwise very clearn and crisp, no flashy things, no obscured or otherwise hidden links, and otherwise, some clue as to where to go next.

Will I be trying it out? Well, I just might so I can write a full review. Now just to figure out who to buy something for....Hmmm.

If anyone else tries this out, please let me know. A few of the other stores include Levi's, Buy.Com, Zales, and Dockers. Maybe you'll buy me something if you are really good. :)

Your geeky friend,

Up, up & Away

Columbia Missourian - Up, up & Away

Great little article about Central Missouri's Diabetic Children's camp, Camp Hickory Hill. The article focuses party on how balloonists bring the fun of their sport to the children.

The camp's main purpose it so educate campers in managing and controlling their diabetes. But like any camp, there are fun and games. Part of that fun is an annual visit by balloonists, who sometimes even provide free rides to the children.

It is great that a place like this exists. I love the fact that the focus just isn't about gloom and doom, but about real living. Not just maintenance but having a fun life.

Finding out I'm diabetic made me sit down and rethink my life. It caused me to realize I needed to get out and enjoy myself more while I'm on this earth.

So, hats off to this camp and the balloonists. Life 1 - Diabetes 0.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Iced Tea: The Distinctively American Beverage

Tea Association of the United States of America - Iced Tea: The Distinctively American Beverage

Just linking all my fellow tea fans to an exhaustive artilce on the history of iced tea. Yes, you read that right, iced tea. I've been drinking iced tea as far back as I can remember. Few beverages bring it home for me like fresh brewed iced tea.

If you are a tea fan at all, please check out the link above.


Surgeon general: No safe level of secondhand smoke - Jun 27, 2006 - Surgeon general: No safe level of secondhand smoke - Jun 27, 2006

No new news here for some of us, but for the rest of you, take heed. Second hand smoke is detrimental to your health. The numbers are staggering.

If you smoke around your love ones, please read this article. Maybe you'll move your habit outside.

Your friend,

NASA and Universities Join to Fight Diabetes

NASA - NASA and Universities Join to Fight Diabetes

Lead in quote:
"NASA image processing technology used to explore orbital images of Earth and distant worlds is being modified for diabetes research.

Scientists at The George Washington University, Washington, and Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., helped modify the technology, which has greatly increased the speed of the research. "NASA technology combined with our modifications has provided us with new tools for fighting diabetes," said Murray Loew, director of the Biomedical Engineering Program and professor of engineering at The George Washington University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. "

The modifications have basically increased the throughput of this system from one analysis taking several hours to automatically processing several dozen overnight. The basic idea is to exam how beta cells, those producing insuling, function.

It is awesome to me that NASA isn't just about outer space, but the human space as well.


Not to

Monday, June 26, 2006


As if a guy like me doesn't have enough going on, I've been invited to join another blog site. This one, Route61, is a headed to become a "booming place holding reviews of restaurants and locally-made products".

I'm looking forward to this blog experiment. If you read this blog, you know I do throw in the occassional restuarant review. More often than not you'll find I put some of that review effort in at my Flickr set, via photographs and comments.

Valeria, one of our hosts for this blog, is an incredibly avid blogger and photographer. You've met her in a previous post. She's bringing on-board a few folks to help her out. The few reviews so far are all on local Missouri restaurants, but span a wide set of locations.

Perhaps you are into food in general, fine dining, or just have a favorite hangout. If so, consider joining us as a writer, or if you are just looking to hear about good food and fun places, come check out the reviews.

Your friend,

And now for all those coffee nuts - Coffee cuts risk of adult diabetes

Reuters AlertNet - Coffee cuts risk of adult diabetes - U.S. study

To my friends and fellow netizens that are coffee fans, I salute! According to this article, the University of Minnesota has just released a report that indicates coffee consumption appears to reduce the risk of adult onset diabetes.

One statistic I like is that for those drinking 6 cups per day, they were 22% less likely to have type 2 diabetes. Make it decaf, and that number goes to a staggering 33% less likely.

Wow, I'm giving up iced tea and Diet Pepsi. I've been telling my wife that I need to learn to drink coffee. Now I have a reason. :)

Tip one for me my friends, but bring on the sweetner...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Office Space (1999)

Office Space (1999)
I just received the Special Edition version of this with Flair. What a fun Father's Day gift too. That said, a friend gave me this past week an extra copy he had, not realizing I was getting it for Father's Day.

If you live in the St. Louis metro area, or heck, anywhere I can mail this DVD too, please let me know if you'd like it.

This movie is now considered a classic. Much adored by cube bound men and women across the world. Heck, there are even dedications to it in movies since.

All said, I'd just like to find a good home for this movie. Read about it at the link above, and post back here in the comments.
Your friendly neighborhood blogger,

Mango Restaurant - Dining out Peruvian

In our continued adventure to try new things and have fun, Saturday night we visited Mango, a Peruvian restaurant on Watson Road, in St. Louis county. This dish above is lomo saltado, stir fried sirloin tips, with onions and tomatoes. Add to that a Peruvian version of steak fries, and a side of rice, and it was quite the tasty dish. Spicy but not too hot.

That was my wife's dinner, while I order the cau-cau stew, made with shredded chicken. This was a very hearty dish, reminiscent of some traditional American dishes. The spices were well done, and included chopped walnuts and slices of potato mixed in, giving the dish a nice variety of textures. Again, a side of boiled rice was there, garnished with corn and tomatoes bits. Overall very tasty.

We had the opportunity to try a dish that really sparked my curiosity, a papa rellena. This unique dish is composed of ground and seasoned meat, wrapped in mashed potatoes and lighty fried.

Quite tasty and very filling! Dinner was great, and we were hosted by a great couple, very familiar with the cuisine, Rick and Cindy, his wife.

If you're daring, come join me for our next exotic dinner...will it be Spanish? Cuban? Roadkill?
Your intrepid diner,
Tojosan (PS, pls visit my dining out photo set.)

Favorite Flickr Artist of the Week - Brittney Bush

Brittney Bush, Tomb Raider
Originally uploaded by BrittneyBush.
This photo is titled "Brittney Bush, Tomb Raider". Inspired by a Flickr friend's request to see the diver's head lamp.

Brittney is one of my favorite flickrites. Her photos are fun and engaging, often revealing her as a person.

Brittney, though great at self portraits, is not afraid to branch out and enjoy her photography. Her captures include local shots, toys, and even very entertaining office gadgets.

She hails currently from Egypt where she works in a dive shop.

Please check out this and other great photos by Brittney Bush, Photo Maven. :)


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Low-carb diet benefits obese type 2 diabetics - Netscape News

Low-carb diet benefits obese type 2 diabetics - Netscape News
Can you say duh?! Did we need yet another scientific study to tell us to cut carbs. Cutting carbs for me took my A1c from 6.1 to 5.6 in just a few months. I'd say the proof is in the pudding, or at least the sugar-free pudding. (smile)

The article goes on to say though that there is no one diet that fits everyone. The commenter also says that each patient should adopt a strategy and get support in their efforts.

Not anything new overall except the numbers. Some folks like to crunch the numbers.
Have fun, cut your carbs,

State asks dismissal of suit over Wal-Mart

State asks dismissal of suit over Wal-Mart

Reading about this whole law in Maryland, I'm just asking myself if all employers in that state, but the large ones, are required to carry some minimum health insurance. My experience has been the other way around, that big corporations have some health insurance support, and the local small employers have very little or none.

Now I'm not saying mine where I work is totally free or anything but it's a heck lot better coverage than quite a few of the smaller employers in town. (I do not work for Wal-mart btw.)

If someone wants to pass a law, why burden only large corporations, make all business owners provide some minimum level of health care. Or, heaven forbid, raise my taxes a few pennies a year to pay for this.

As for it all being legal, let the big heads figure that out. People don't get sick because the work at Wal-mart, and they certainly don't have to work there. I happen to know a few folks that are Wal-mart employees that are well satisfied with their pay/benefits, so they can't be the worst.

Oh well, yours Tojosan

Short Chair Round

Short Chair Round
Originally uploaded by Tojosan.
Are these the latest craze? Is everyone going to be setting on a big green ball? Do you?

i've not made the swap yet, but I'm anxious to see how this goes. This was a fluke thing that started with one guy, and now three of them are using the 'ball chair'.

It's supposed to help with posture and exercising some usually dormant muscles. A therapist even recommended this to one of the guys.

You tell me, thumbs up or down?!

What's on your desk?

This is one of the latest things I've picked up. Wizard Mickey.
We were shopping for the granderkids at the Disney store, and Mickey kept calling my name.

Kung fu Dreams
This week I also purchased some other desk buddies.
I'm sure we'll have lots of fun together. :)
What's on your desk?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

spoken for She raises a child, makes candles, and loves her husband! Oh yeah, and she is not too shabby with a camera. :)

Valerie keeps it busy and blogging. She not only puts her heart and soul out there on, but also on, where she sells her candle creations.

Valeria is an avid photographer too. She share shots of her son, and other family, as well as many photographs taken all across Missouri.

If you have a sense of humor and don't mind listening in on one individuals stream of thought and photos, give her site a look-see. (wow, 2nd time today I've used that phrase, someone stop me)


Apple technology brings World Cup updates to millions

Macworld: News: Apple technology brings World Cup updates to millions

Windows fans eat your heart out, Macs rule the day in the World Cup!

Interesting article about how Apple tech is bringing the thrill of the World Cup to you, me, and the rest of the world. This will probably be the most excited that football fans get about a word like Xsan that isn't some player's name.

They've got it all, from Quicktime, to Power Mac G5s. Check out the article, and revel in the wonder that is Apple!


Crossword puzzle fans get their own movie

Crossword puzzle fans get their own movie

It should be titled, "Will Shortz, King of the Crosswords". Will Shortz, crossword puzzle editor of The New York Times, is the topic of "Wordplay", a movie opening nationally on Friday. Will Shortz is famous not only as the editor, but as a Sunday morning radio host. Most recently, he's drawn lots of attention with his Soduko and other puzzle books. That guy gets more front cover shelf space than those on the Oprah book club list.

I'm looking forward to checking this movie out. Since I understood what a crossword is, I've been a fan. Though I'm no expert, I have on rare occassions worked my way through a NY Times crossword. More often than not though, you'll find me picking up yet another worn crossword book, with only the hardest puzzles left in the back.

Again, the movie is "Wordplay", a documentary built around Will. So if you care about crosswords, or just fun with language, go give this a look-see.


Weight of the Evidence

Weight of the Evidence

Weight of the Evidence is a blog about losing and keeping off weight. Not by 'dieting', but by examing what makes healthy eating and long term weight control sense. Regina, inspired by her own success, seeks to get others informed and interested in a low-carb lifestyle.

My own dietician recommended the thing to watch the most, beyond fats, cholestoral and such is carbs. Not that those other things don't play a part, but more so that each plays a different role and some are actually healthy to have in your diet.

This week she is taking on the latest AHA (American Heart Association) recommendations. The AHA has recently revised their 2000 Dietary Guidelines. Her biggest issue is centered around the targetting of only 7% of total diet being saturated fats.

Oh you say, that doesn't sound too bad, until you realize that pretty much rules out meat and oils and dairy. Her opinion is that it is unreasonable to expect anyone can restrict themselves to 7% and still meet all other dietary requirements.

I"m not an expert, but her arguement is worth hearing. And if you can prove her wrong, worth $1000! Check out her blog and her challenge. Maybe you'll learn something or at least win $1000.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Whole grain-rich diet may reduce gum disease risk

Whole grain-rich diet may reduce gum disease
Now I know why my dentists visits have gone so well lately!

Since discovering I'm diabetic, I've not only cut back on things, but changed how I eat. One of changes, was the switch to eating mostly whole grain breads and cereals. Lucky for me, I like those.

Diabetics are especially at risk for anything aggravated by high glucose levels. Periodontitis appears to be one of those things.

The article contains a recommendation to not add the breads and cereals, but replace ones you are already consuming with whole grain. Gee, my diabetic dietician told me the same thing, but for other reasons. Cheaf being cholesterol in check.

So is this only good news for diabetics? Nope! According to the initial report, this may significantly affect anyone eating a diet rich in whole grains.

Wheat farmers ho!

Utata: Tribal Photography

Utata: Tribal Photography
I know you are tired of me posting about it, but Utata rocks. Please click on the link above to The site has undergone a massive restructure and facelift. Heck, it's a whole new Utata.

When you visit, please take time out to visit the projects and spotlights pages. One of my new favorites is going to be the portfolios! If you want to see what members are doing, and find out a little bit about them, do check the members section.

All in all, this is one of the most visited photography web sites on the net. Come see why.



Originally uploaded by Tojosan.
My tribute to Father's Day.

Episcopalians Reject Ban on Gay Bishops

Episcopalians Reject Ban on Gay Bishops

I'm going to show my beliefs a bit here. I'm a Christian. Okay, there I said it.
I do not hate Gays, Lesbians, Transvestites, and such.
Most of them probably do not hate me. (Okay, the ones I know personally seem to like me just fine. YMMV)

BUT and I say BUT (not butt, please note) we believe different things.
I believe that practacing same gender relations is blatant and deliberate sin.
They do not believe this. (This may be that they aren't Christian even, which makes some of this discussion mute.)

Our church believes that leaders should not be deliberately and unrepentingly engaging in sin.
Again, some GLBT folks (some group of them at least, all of the probably do not agree, much like not all folks calling themselves Christians agree on all things...wheh) don't believe they are sinning at all.

So, that said, historically most churches have believed the way the church I attend believes and practices. This belief and practice does not single out GLBT or any other group. More accurately, it discourages folks in deliberate and unrepentant sin from leading within the church.

Note, I didn't say not attending church. All men, women, and children are welcomed by God, regardless of where they are at in their lives.

Something to be said though, in fairness to GLBT practitioners, all humans sin. Sin requires intention. Sin starts in the mind and heart of the sinner. So no one should be on their high horse towards anyone about being better or more 'clean' than anyone else.

Also, one final point (and you guys thought congressmen talked forever), notice I said at the top practicing. Lots of folks have temptation to sin, but temptation IS NOT sin. Let me repeat that for the typing deaf, tempation IS NOT sin.

Our church holds to the belief that a person can be tempted to illicit sexual practices, be they GLBT, or hetero, or whatever, without partaking and giving into that sin.

So, no, no GLBT practitioners please to lead our local church. But get your butt into church, get to know me, tell me your story, talk with God. Oh and don't wait for me to do the last one.

Stop hating each other folks.

Thanks for listening, erm, I mean reading..

Thriving in Wal-Mart's shadow

Thriving in Wal-Mart's shadow - 06/20/06 - The Detroit News Online
Interesting theme and one I rarely hear about, small shops thriving near Wal-marts. It doesn't make for exciting news to the general public but for the small shop owner it's worth hearing about.

The Detroit News article talks specifically to some independent shop owners that are not only surviving but thriving next to Wal-marts. You wonder how? By, in my opinion, applying good principles of business.

What I believe is most of the problem folks have is that they feel that large retail giants drive out competition. On the contrary, the fill a market need that was just undersatisfied. They often bring a huge variety of products to consumers they'd otherwise never get a chance to purchase.

Where folks find the problem isn't the variety, its the often cheap prices on general household items, where that would be in direct competition to say your local grocery, or 'dime' store. Sadly, small shop owners feel the need to compete against those items. The article brings to light how real shop owners see success, and how real customers feel about shopping there.

some big keys from the article:
- think small - carry things in sized the big chains won't. Not everyone needs 24 rolls of toilet paper (well, at my house, we migth as well buy that much. )
- uniqueness - get those low distribution or odd items that the chains don't carry. For Wal-mart that's easy enough. They carry lots of common brands and regular consumables, don't compete with that, instead be a shoe specialist, a clothing store, or even a clock sales and repair shop.
- simplified shopping - one of the big things my friends comment on is how they prefer the smaller easier to navigate stores. Not everyone needs or wants the crowds or business of a large store. Often small shops are much easier to find things in.

Heck, if I buy tp, I buy where I get my favorite brand cheap. When I went to buy a camera, I went to a camera store. Now where will I buy that brand name battery for it? Whichever store has it cheapest. :) folks know I'm big on Wal-mart for the things it's good at.

How is your Wal-mart experience? Good? Great? Nothing to mention? Think about it, and share if you want.


Monday, June 19, 2006

Mother of teen sues MySpace for $30 million | | CNET

Report: Mother of teen sues MySpace for $30 million | | CNET

Gee! Give out your name and description. Plan a meeting with a stranger in an out of the way place. Get mugged/raped/robbed. Act surprised! Sue a social networking site. Chaching!

I'm not happy about what happened to this young lady, but dang woman, are you stupid?!

Whatever happened to chaperones, backups, double dates, public places?

I'll put in a prayer for this young lady and the man that did this to her. They both need it.
Have a good night, and be safe please.

Is that chocolate calorie free? (Nestle to buy Jenny Craig for $600 million)

Nestle to buy Jenny Craig for $600 million

Talk about catching my eye! Nestle, one of my favorite chocolate making companies in the world, is buying Jenny Craig. This isn't Nestle's first foray into the healthy markets. Nestle recently purchased Uncle Tobys, an Australian healthy snacks company.

Does anyone else see a conflict of interest? You might if you didn't know that Nestle isn't just a chocolate maker and hasn't been for some time. They own the Lean Cuisine brand, of which, some, not all, are quite tasty.

The quote I like is this:
"The rise of obesity and the resulting metabolic disorders, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, is a major public health concern, not only in the USA but also the world over," Brabeck-Letmathe said.

Gee, now that's news. Anyway, with Nestle's huge brand power and resources, perhaps they will really be able to influence people as never before. Jenny Craig is hugely popular these days, and combining them with world wide favorites can only help.

I can't wait to see the slim/trim models on Jenny Craig commercials holding a Nestle Crunch bar though. Ha. But I do look forward to a day when I can enjoy a larger variety of diabetic friendly foods.

Read the article, think happy thoughts,

Photography at the mall - Is it okay? Follow up

Please see my earlier post.

After sending an email off to Westfield Shopping Town's recommended contact and receiving no response, I finally made another visit to the mall. This time I stopped at the customer service desk and ask for policy sheet.

Very polite ladies behind the desk had to search for a minute but were able to turn over to me a "Courtesy Guidelines" card. The printing on the card is black on white thankfully and an easy to read font. One size up would have been slightly better though. Anyway, I'm rambling.

On the card are 15 guidelines, as well as phone numbers to mall management, security, and emergency. Bravo! The relevant guideline for mall photography appears to be guideline number 4.

4. Photography of friends and family is welcome. Videotaping and/or photography of the shoppingtown, stores, or the shoppingtown's operations is not allowed without prior consent of shoppingtown management.

Because I'm slow, I asked for some examples. One of the ladies explained that photographing structures and stores is prohibited, as well as photographing strangers. She did indicate though that I could pretty much snap pictures of friends and family just about anywhere in the mall, and implied basically that I'm not otherwise being a disturbance.

I was very satisfied until she made one final comment along the lines of "not like those strange ones taking pictures of people and things." I about fell out. My wife will back me up that she said something along those lines.

The better part of valor was to thank the ladies and move on. I did that becuase they honestly were helpful and had the best intentions, but walked off with a laugh and a smirk at the comment. Yeah, us photography folks are a bit weird.

Thanks for checking back.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Diabetes Blog

The Diabetes Blog
Another good resource for Diabetics. This is another blog, with many links to diabetes related news on the net. There is also commentary and lighter pieces. Some of the links are to news articles outside the U.S. even, thumbs up!

The blog seems well organized, with good internal links. You can locate articles/posts by author and category. There are some ads, but the site loads quickly enough and all the relevant stuff is together.

Please check out the site at the link above. Let me know how you like it, and please let me know about other good diabetes blogs and news sites. Heck, I'd be really keen on a cartoon involving or revolving around a diabetic character if that isn't too crass.

More for you later,

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Donations are slim for special playground

STLtoday - News - St. Charles: "Donations are slim for special playground"

So you want to raise money for a project, what do you do? Walk across Missouri of course. That's just what Thomm Morgan just finished doing.

Thomm's formal effort is known as Unlimited Play. The goal is to raise money for a wheel chair accessible playground.

This particular fund raising effort only netted about $7,000 of the needed $80,000 for the park. The article mentions his obvious dissappointment as well as contact and donation information.

If a handicapped accessible playground is something you'd like to see in our area, please contact Thomm.

Best regards,

O'Fallon Jammin' continues Tuesday

STLtoday - News - St. Charles: "O'Fallon Jammin' continues Tuesday"

Looking for something to do on the occassinal Tuesday night? Live near O'Fallon, Missouri?

Come check out the O'Fallon Jammin' outdoor free concert series. Concerts take place on the third Tuesday of each month through August. The location is Civic Park in O'Fallon, Mo.

There are food vendors with several choices. Seating is mostly lawn chair or blanket, take your pick. Come out and bring a friend, enjoy the music.
See you there, Tojosan

Diabetes Mine

Diabetes Mine

Great site focused entirely on Diabetes news and information. Found it as a source off of Another site I highly recommend.

Please check out Diabetest mine at

I'm interested in finding more links to blogs that mention diabetes related information.
Yours Tojosan

Thursday, June 15, 2006 - Superman Returns - Superman Returns
Wal-mart, the place where America, and now the world shops, is hosting a July event tie-in to Superman Returns. The link above takes you to a neatly organized little site with links to the trailer, teaser, and downloads. Heck, there is an even an interactive comic.

It's worth a check out if you are a Superman fan, and especially if you are headed to the theatres soon.

Walmart could definitely package more stuff up like this for me.


Monday, June 12, 2006

So that's what that noise was?

KSHB: Local News:High schooler wins national yodeling competition

Young St. Charles county resident, Catherine Bowler, wowed them at a recent Yodeling competition, the Patsy Montana Yodeling Competion in Pineville, Mo. Catherine's success follows close on the heals of winning her own school's talent competition earlier this year. She is a student at Francis Howell Central High School.

Now how the heck does one get started on the yodeling path in good old Cottleville? It seems she picked it up the desire on a vacation. (I'm avoiding those type of vacations.) She later picked up a tape to learn from. You can imagine that was a winner around the house.

I'm hoping my son chooses a less umm trying musical skill to persue. Perhaps bagpipes. :)

Anyway, I thought I'd mention Catherine and wish her the best of luck. Yodeling maybe isn't cool yet, but perhaps she can win us over too.


Lilly diabetes drug shows promise |

Lilly diabetes drug shows promise |
It seems Eli Lilly and Company is bringing a ray of hope to diabetics. They have developed a new drug, Arxxant, that could help diabetics to reduce eye damage and perhaps avoid costly and painful laser eye surgery.

The new drug acts to inhibit damage to the eyes by enzymes. This deterioration is known as diabetic retinopathy. It was on the top of my diabeitc counselors list of worries for though us of newly introduced to the disease.

The treatment is as simple as taking a pill, and the study shows it less likely to cause side effects than a sugar pill. There appears to be no concerns with blood sugar levels nor blood pressure related to its use.

FDA review is normally one year, but due to Arxxant being the first drug to treat this diabetic issue. This would possibly reduce that review down to six months.

Please take a few moments to read the article at the link above.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Raiders of the Lost Ark - Soundtrack

Calling out to all my all friends, associates, and those vaguely aware of me. I'd like your attention for just a minute to ask a favor.

Please help me locate a used copy of the Raiders of the Lost Ark soundtrack. Preferrably cheap and easy to come by. Apparently my local thrift shops nor local used CD shops have a copy.

Just drop me an email or post a comment here if you have one or have a friend that has one that just no longer wants it.

Even a good lead that's willing to part with a copy cheap would be apprecaited.

Again, Raiders of the Lost Ark soundtrack on CD, that's the ticket.
Over and out, thanks in advance for any leads,

Friday, June 09, 2006

Utata - Projects - Drink It Up!

Just a friendly note to encourage you to check out and its projects.
The link above takes you to one of the latest tribe projects, Drink It Up!

The project description goes as follows:

"Photos of any beverage in any sort of container. Sitting there looking forlorn (or sexy or comforting, etc) or being imbibed or poured ... from the top, from the bottom or from the side (or anywhere else you can think of) ... drinks! Any sort of drink ... coffee, tea, a martini or a juice box ...a beer bottle a pop tin ..."

So drink it in, and enjoy your journey into tribal photography.
(edited to update the link)

Woman Accused Of Attacking Breeder With Dead Dog - Woman Accused Of Attacking Breeder With Dead Dog

Did you hear the one about the dog beating? It really gets you in the head. :)

Please read this article if you aren't easily stressed. This woman in the town I live in, St. Peters, beat a dog breeder with a dead Chihuahua.

Yes, you read it right. There are several articles on the net about it, I just pointed you to one.
Go, make this most of this little tidbit.

And remember, if you are going to use a dog as a weapon, be sure to use the right one for the job.
(I know, sick sick sick.)

'Cars' is in driver's seat

'Cars' is in driver's seat

Just pointing you folks to a great in depth review and commentary on the new movie, 'Cars'. This movie was enjoyable for my wife and I and we didnt even bring little children. The moving was engaging and moved at a decent pace. This was good as it was 2 hours long.

Some great and very recognizable voice acting by the cast, along with the usual great quality work from Pixar, made this an all around well put together movie. The plot is rehashed from different old stories which adults will feel right at home in. Kids will love the cast of characters, the peppy music, and all the colors and textures.

This is family safe, and gets the Tojosan 5 cars out of 5 vote. Go see it with the kids, or heck, just go see it by yourself if you must.

Oh yeah, and don't forget the popcorn.

Philly cheesesteak joint: Speak English when ordering

Philly cheesesteak joint: Speak English when ordering

"Bistec con queso?" Not at this place. Geno's Steaks, a South Philadephia cheesesteak shop, well known locally and nationally, has put in place an English-only ordering policy.

Is this a good thing? Basically no customer is turned away but the staff will coach customers on the key language of ordering the house speciality. :)

As encouraged as I am that folks are encouraging the use of English, I'm with someone else quoted in the article. Is this the right way or is this just being unduly harsh on immigrants?

Of course, I'd fully expect to have to order with the local language in other countries. Heck, Berlitz and others sell tons of phrase books and key language cheat sheets for just such things as ordering food and finding bathrooms. :)

Well, what do you fine folks think?


Lea Paul - a bibliophile and volunteer extraordinary!

STLtoday - News - St. Charles: "Lea Paul"

Great article about Lea Paul, a St. Peters local who is big into books. Lea is a local bookstore owner in the area, as well as dedicated volunteer. For nearly the last twenty years, she has been volunteering her time and energy working to make the St. Charles Friends of the Library book sale a success. Last year the sale brought in about $69,000.

She splits her time between family, including grandchildren, running her store, Encore Books, and volunteer work, she leads a busy life. One night a week is spent sorting books for the fair. Lea also volunteers time with the Missouri Division of Family Services.

Wow, talking about an impressive individual! Three cheers for Lea. A woman not just living life but making it happen.

Be well,

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Know the Terms: Hyperglycemia vs. Hypoglycemia

Know the Terms: Hyperglycemia vs. Hypoglycemia

Great article on! This article clearly defines what each type of glycemia is and the side effects. It also discusses what causes each, and some recommendations about both.

I'd consider this a must read for anyone newly diagnosed, or friends and family of those with diabetes. Hey, that would include my friends. :)

Good job About Team!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New healthcare IT alliance formed

United Press International - Health Business - New healthcare IT alliance formed

It seems some tech and medical firms are getting together to provide for connected personal health information in the near future. What does this mean? It means you and yours can instantly share health related information with them and theirs.

Who would be those thems? (smile) Why your doctors, children, and of course, personal trainers. But don't we do that already? Yes, but this is geared towards more of an instant and always on sort of things, or at least always available.

I'm wonder though, being diabetic, if this is a technology I'm deeply in need of. I test my blood sugar once or twice per day. But how often do I report that to my doctor? Well, if all keeps on track, not very often. Is it that he doesn't care? Nope, just good management means there isn't as big a need.

But wow, wouldn't him having all of your sugar readings for the past 365 days be great to have on hand? I suppose so. But do I really need a Bluetooth, USB, or Wi-Fi enabled glucose monitor for that? I don't suppose keeping a simple notebook entry to give him wouldn't work?

Anyway, I'm thinking that the chronic folks won't be the ones signing up maybe? They'd probably already be doing this sort of thing, or hospitalized already.

Oh well, I guess it could be worse, they could be installing something in my toilet to monitor my ...

Anyway, have a good one,

Monday, June 05, 2006

Philips Norelco BG2020 Men's Bodygroom: Health & Personal Care Philips Norelco BG2020 Men's Bodygroom: Health & Personal Care

If you haven't seen the commercial attached to this item listing, you are missing out on a good laugh.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Swaptree beta

Swaptree beta

I read the How Does This Work section and it sounds interesting if all too easy. Basically, you list things you want to swap, Swaptree's puters find a swappee, you put it in the mail. Then you find things you want to get swapped to you, and poof.
No money changes hands, except between you and the post office.

I've signed up for the Beta, wish me luck getting in. As soon as I do, I'll be swapping to you.

Photography at the mall - Is it okay?

Today, like many many times in the past, my wife, my son and I visited our local mall, the MidRivers Westfield Shopping Town. This was a fairly routine visit until we were rounding ourselves up near the food court.

So there I was with my son, talking and snapping a couple of pictures of an exhibit car. Suddenly I hear a voice to my right, out of my field of vision, "You can't do that in here." Hm, for like two seconds I was confused, then realized he was talking to me, an most likely about the picture taking. Conversation ensued of course, and he informed me that he got the word from management that no picture taking is allowed. Obviously I was surprised.

No signs are posted in the mall, no regulations posted, nor any brochures available that I saw, stating a policy regarding photography. I mentioned that to him, and he informed me that I could ask someone else, perhaps in customer service. I decided since I was doubtful and he wasn't overly polite, that I'd rather just leave the mall.

I've got an email out to Westfield, via their website, asking for a copy of any relevant policy or perhaps a directions on where to find it. I'm hopeful there is just a misunderstanding. Numerous times I've seen pictures being taken in the mall, and several times I've taken them.

I invite any interested readers to check out Westfield's website at the link above, or visit your local Westfield and see if they have the same policy. I'm interested in good citizenship, not just my ability to shoot pictures. Sadly though, if they have such a policy, that will definitely decrease my visits to the mall. The only reason I went today was in the hopes of snapping a shot or two worth sharing.

I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Summer's Here!

So what did you do to kick off summer? Some fellow geeks and I treated ourselves to a limo ride!
Check out the pictures here.

A few stops were all, but fun was had.  We started with a quick stop at Gus' Pretzels, downtown St. Louis. They have unbelievably good sandwiches.

From there, it was onto Anheuser Busch Brewery for an afternoon tour.  If you have never done a brewery tour, it is definitely worth taking time out for, and best of all it's free, and um, yeah, there's this thing about two free beer samples.  But noooo one takes the tour for that right?!

To round out our afternoon, we made the quickest stop in history at our favorite custard stand, Ted Drewe's.  I had the cherry in case anyone cares. :)

All in all one of the best kickoffs to summer I've ever taken part in.

Do you have a summer ritual or do anything interesting to get it started?