Thursday, June 29, 2006

Big weekend plans?

What are your big plans this weekend? Do you live in the St. Louis area?

Have you considered going out to the zoo? Some new friends from the St. Louis Photobloggers group went there a few weekends ago. We had a great time making conversation, taking pictures and touring the zoo.

The photoblogging brought a whole new aspect to the zoo for me. On my last visit years ago, I vaguely remember just trying to see everything and anything. Heck, probably didn't even stop to appreciate much of what I saw. More of a checklist mode. (saw big bear - check, saw chimps - check, saw scary gator - check) This visit didn't go slow exactly but the speed was in the between areas, so we could spend plenty of time doing things like taking pictures and talking.

One of my favorites from that visit is this one:


I discovered that I didn't want to rush through the exhibits anymore. The desire to stay on at each one was overwhelming. Not just glimpsing anymore but taking the time to see was a whole different feeling.

Because of this visit, I'm now strongly considering a membership and planning some visits ahead of time. Planning on spending not just 15 minutes in the butterfly house but an hour or whatever time it takes to capture the beauty hidden there.

So take time out my friends, enjoy your weekend, and consider you local zoo. But this time, take the time, and don't rush through the exhibits, but rush to spend some quality time at each one.

Your bear of blogger,

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