Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Episcopalians Reject Ban on Gay Bishops

Episcopalians Reject Ban on Gay Bishops

I'm going to show my beliefs a bit here. I'm a Christian. Okay, there I said it.
I do not hate Gays, Lesbians, Transvestites, and such.
Most of them probably do not hate me. (Okay, the ones I know personally seem to like me just fine. YMMV)

BUT and I say BUT (not butt, please note) we believe different things.
I believe that practacing same gender relations is blatant and deliberate sin.
They do not believe this. (This may be that they aren't Christian even, which makes some of this discussion mute.)

Our church believes that leaders should not be deliberately and unrepentingly engaging in sin.
Again, some GLBT folks (some group of them at least, all of the probably do not agree, much like not all folks calling themselves Christians agree on all things...wheh) don't believe they are sinning at all.

So, that said, historically most churches have believed the way the church I attend believes and practices. This belief and practice does not single out GLBT or any other group. More accurately, it discourages folks in deliberate and unrepentant sin from leading within the church.

Note, I didn't say not attending church. All men, women, and children are welcomed by God, regardless of where they are at in their lives.

Something to be said though, in fairness to GLBT practitioners, all humans sin. Sin requires intention. Sin starts in the mind and heart of the sinner. So no one should be on their high horse towards anyone about being better or more 'clean' than anyone else.

Also, one final point (and you guys thought congressmen talked forever), notice I said at the top practicing. Lots of folks have temptation to sin, but temptation IS NOT sin. Let me repeat that for the typing deaf, tempation IS NOT sin.

Our church holds to the belief that a person can be tempted to illicit sexual practices, be they GLBT, or hetero, or whatever, without partaking and giving into that sin.

So, no, no GLBT practitioners please to lead our local church. But get your butt into church, get to know me, tell me your story, talk with God. Oh and don't wait for me to do the last one.

Stop hating each other folks.

Thanks for listening, erm, I mean reading..

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