Thursday, June 29, 2006

Google Checks Out

Google Checkout

So did the world really need another Paypal? Or is that what it is?

Google announced today 'Google Checkout'. Google's Checkout is their version of a preregistered online purchasing/payment system. Much like Paypal, you set up your credit card ahead of time, so purchasing is just one step away at the virtual checkout counter.

I was able to register in less than a minute at Of course, I already have a Google account. It immediately took me to their intro page where a set of images and text explains the basic use of Checkout.

Beneath the instructional area and on the left, is a list of stores, with links, to try out your new Checkout setup. On the right hand side, a list of stores with links, and coupon codes, valued at $10.

Not a bad way to jump start the buying I guess, but almost a bit too obvious a push. On the flip side, my first question would be about where I could use it. Of the stores listed, RitzCamera and Aeropostale are ones I might actually shop at.

Like other Google interfaces, this initial page is otherwise very clearn and crisp, no flashy things, no obscured or otherwise hidden links, and otherwise, some clue as to where to go next.

Will I be trying it out? Well, I just might so I can write a full review. Now just to figure out who to buy something for....Hmmm.

If anyone else tries this out, please let me know. A few of the other stores include Levi's, Buy.Com, Zales, and Dockers. Maybe you'll buy me something if you are really good. :)

Your geeky friend,

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