Friday, June 09, 2006

Lea Paul - a bibliophile and volunteer extraordinary!

STLtoday - News - St. Charles: "Lea Paul"

Great article about Lea Paul, a St. Peters local who is big into books. Lea is a local bookstore owner in the area, as well as dedicated volunteer. For nearly the last twenty years, she has been volunteering her time and energy working to make the St. Charles Friends of the Library book sale a success. Last year the sale brought in about $69,000.

She splits her time between family, including grandchildren, running her store, Encore Books, and volunteer work, she leads a busy life. One night a week is spent sorting books for the fair. Lea also volunteers time with the Missouri Division of Family Services.

Wow, talking about an impressive individual! Three cheers for Lea. A woman not just living life but making it happen.

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