Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mango Restaurant - Dining out Peruvian

In our continued adventure to try new things and have fun, Saturday night we visited Mango, a Peruvian restaurant on Watson Road, in St. Louis county. This dish above is lomo saltado, stir fried sirloin tips, with onions and tomatoes. Add to that a Peruvian version of steak fries, and a side of rice, and it was quite the tasty dish. Spicy but not too hot.

That was my wife's dinner, while I order the cau-cau stew, made with shredded chicken. This was a very hearty dish, reminiscent of some traditional American dishes. The spices were well done, and included chopped walnuts and slices of potato mixed in, giving the dish a nice variety of textures. Again, a side of boiled rice was there, garnished with corn and tomatoes bits. Overall very tasty.

We had the opportunity to try a dish that really sparked my curiosity, a papa rellena. This unique dish is composed of ground and seasoned meat, wrapped in mashed potatoes and lighty fried.

Quite tasty and very filling! Dinner was great, and we were hosted by a great couple, very familiar with the cuisine, Rick and Cindy, his wife.

If you're daring, come join me for our next exotic dinner...will it be Spanish? Cuban? Roadkill?
Your intrepid diner,
Tojosan (PS, pls visit my dining out photo set.)

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