Friday, June 09, 2006

Philly cheesesteak joint: Speak English when ordering

Philly cheesesteak joint: Speak English when ordering

"Bistec con queso?" Not at this place. Geno's Steaks, a South Philadephia cheesesteak shop, well known locally and nationally, has put in place an English-only ordering policy.

Is this a good thing? Basically no customer is turned away but the staff will coach customers on the key language of ordering the house speciality. :)

As encouraged as I am that folks are encouraging the use of English, I'm with someone else quoted in the article. Is this the right way or is this just being unduly harsh on immigrants?

Of course, I'd fully expect to have to order with the local language in other countries. Heck, Berlitz and others sell tons of phrase books and key language cheat sheets for just such things as ordering food and finding bathrooms. :)

Well, what do you fine folks think?


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