Saturday, June 03, 2006

Photography at the mall - Is it okay?

Today, like many many times in the past, my wife, my son and I visited our local mall, the MidRivers Westfield Shopping Town. This was a fairly routine visit until we were rounding ourselves up near the food court.

So there I was with my son, talking and snapping a couple of pictures of an exhibit car. Suddenly I hear a voice to my right, out of my field of vision, "You can't do that in here." Hm, for like two seconds I was confused, then realized he was talking to me, an most likely about the picture taking. Conversation ensued of course, and he informed me that he got the word from management that no picture taking is allowed. Obviously I was surprised.

No signs are posted in the mall, no regulations posted, nor any brochures available that I saw, stating a policy regarding photography. I mentioned that to him, and he informed me that I could ask someone else, perhaps in customer service. I decided since I was doubtful and he wasn't overly polite, that I'd rather just leave the mall.

I've got an email out to Westfield, via their website, asking for a copy of any relevant policy or perhaps a directions on where to find it. I'm hopeful there is just a misunderstanding. Numerous times I've seen pictures being taken in the mall, and several times I've taken them.

I invite any interested readers to check out Westfield's website at the link above, or visit your local Westfield and see if they have the same policy. I'm interested in good citizenship, not just my ability to shoot pictures. Sadly though, if they have such a policy, that will definitely decrease my visits to the mall. The only reason I went today was in the hopes of snapping a shot or two worth sharing.

I'll keep you posted.

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