Monday, June 26, 2006


As if a guy like me doesn't have enough going on, I've been invited to join another blog site. This one, Route61, is a headed to become a "booming place holding reviews of restaurants and locally-made products".

I'm looking forward to this blog experiment. If you read this blog, you know I do throw in the occassional restuarant review. More often than not you'll find I put some of that review effort in at my Flickr set, via photographs and comments.

Valeria, one of our hosts for this blog, is an incredibly avid blogger and photographer. You've met her in a previous post. She's bringing on-board a few folks to help her out. The few reviews so far are all on local Missouri restaurants, but span a wide set of locations.

Perhaps you are into food in general, fine dining, or just have a favorite hangout. If so, consider joining us as a writer, or if you are just looking to hear about good food and fun places, come check out the reviews.

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