Monday, June 12, 2006

So that's what that noise was?

KSHB: Local News:High schooler wins national yodeling competition

Young St. Charles county resident, Catherine Bowler, wowed them at a recent Yodeling competition, the Patsy Montana Yodeling Competion in Pineville, Mo. Catherine's success follows close on the heals of winning her own school's talent competition earlier this year. She is a student at Francis Howell Central High School.

Now how the heck does one get started on the yodeling path in good old Cottleville? It seems she picked it up the desire on a vacation. (I'm avoiding those type of vacations.) She later picked up a tape to learn from. You can imagine that was a winner around the house.

I'm hoping my son chooses a less umm trying musical skill to persue. Perhaps bagpipes. :)

Anyway, I thought I'd mention Catherine and wish her the best of luck. Yodeling maybe isn't cool yet, but perhaps she can win us over too.


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