Saturday, June 24, 2006

State asks dismissal of suit over Wal-Mart

State asks dismissal of suit over Wal-Mart

Reading about this whole law in Maryland, I'm just asking myself if all employers in that state, but the large ones, are required to carry some minimum health insurance. My experience has been the other way around, that big corporations have some health insurance support, and the local small employers have very little or none.

Now I'm not saying mine where I work is totally free or anything but it's a heck lot better coverage than quite a few of the smaller employers in town. (I do not work for Wal-mart btw.)

If someone wants to pass a law, why burden only large corporations, make all business owners provide some minimum level of health care. Or, heaven forbid, raise my taxes a few pennies a year to pay for this.

As for it all being legal, let the big heads figure that out. People don't get sick because the work at Wal-mart, and they certainly don't have to work there. I happen to know a few folks that are Wal-mart employees that are well satisfied with their pay/benefits, so they can't be the worst.

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