Thursday, June 29, 2006

Up, up & Away

Columbia Missourian - Up, up & Away

Great little article about Central Missouri's Diabetic Children's camp, Camp Hickory Hill. The article focuses party on how balloonists bring the fun of their sport to the children.

The camp's main purpose it so educate campers in managing and controlling their diabetes. But like any camp, there are fun and games. Part of that fun is an annual visit by balloonists, who sometimes even provide free rides to the children.

It is great that a place like this exists. I love the fact that the focus just isn't about gloom and doom, but about real living. Not just maintenance but having a fun life.

Finding out I'm diabetic made me sit down and rethink my life. It caused me to realize I needed to get out and enjoy myself more while I'm on this earth.

So, hats off to this camp and the balloonists. Life 1 - Diabetes 0.


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