Thursday, June 22, 2006

Weight of the Evidence

Weight of the Evidence

Weight of the Evidence is a blog about losing and keeping off weight. Not by 'dieting', but by examing what makes healthy eating and long term weight control sense. Regina, inspired by her own success, seeks to get others informed and interested in a low-carb lifestyle.

My own dietician recommended the thing to watch the most, beyond fats, cholestoral and such is carbs. Not that those other things don't play a part, but more so that each plays a different role and some are actually healthy to have in your diet.

This week she is taking on the latest AHA (American Heart Association) recommendations. The AHA has recently revised their 2000 Dietary Guidelines. Her biggest issue is centered around the targetting of only 7% of total diet being saturated fats.

Oh you say, that doesn't sound too bad, until you realize that pretty much rules out meat and oils and dairy. Her opinion is that it is unreasonable to expect anyone can restrict themselves to 7% and still meet all other dietary requirements.

I"m not an expert, but her arguement is worth hearing. And if you can prove her wrong, worth $1000! Check out her blog and her challenge. Maybe you'll learn something or at least win $1000.


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