Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Whole grain-rich diet may reduce gum disease risk

Whole grain-rich diet may reduce gum disease risk-Reuters.com
Now I know why my dentists visits have gone so well lately!

Since discovering I'm diabetic, I've not only cut back on things, but changed how I eat. One of changes, was the switch to eating mostly whole grain breads and cereals. Lucky for me, I like those.

Diabetics are especially at risk for anything aggravated by high glucose levels. Periodontitis appears to be one of those things.

The article contains a recommendation to not add the breads and cereals, but replace ones you are already consuming with whole grain. Gee, my diabetic dietician told me the same thing, but for other reasons. Cheaf being cholesterol in check.

So is this only good news for diabetics? Nope! According to the initial report, this may significantly affect anyone eating a diet rich in whole grains.

Wheat farmers ho!

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