Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Answered Prayer

Well, it's settled, I've been formally offered the new position at work and accepted it. Even my current boss congratulated me.
Now I'm not sure how I feel about that, since it involves no change in pay, pay grade, title, type of position or any of that important stuff. I'm changing groups is all. Filling an all too obvious void it seems.

Now the problem comes in about making that transition. Most folks would go almost snap/pow and bam, I'd be in the new group. But not in my situation. Apparently, I'm suddenly a hard to replace asset. Hmmm.

Yeah, my current boss is telling my new boss that we might be able to get me over there full time in October. (checks calendar, hmm, still July) WOWSERS! OCTOBER! What the heck?! I want out nowwwwwww!!!!! Anyone listening?!

I'm mature enough to understant a transition period but my goodness, three months? Isn't it nice to be loved?

Reminds me of trying to leave my first boat. I had orders in hand, a house to move, a physical to complete, and a family to get packed up on the road. Three weeks before I'm to leave basically, the boat has a three week deployment. Okay, sounds totally hard to work out, but no. They had two stops in the middle, both at home port.

So I'm thinking, go out for a week, help them train for the examination they'll be taking at the end of the three weeks. Hmm, not so much. They decided I was too valuable to let go after just one week.

So during the 2nd week I'm saying, how about letting me off at the end of this week. That will leave me one week to pack my household up and clean the apartment, check out via medical, and get on the road. HMMM, not so much. Suddenly they don't think I know enough to be picked up for the exam on the last two days. Yep, I was too valuable, now I could carry water in a pale. Ugh, and they still want me to be on board all of the last week. Double ugh.

So they don't let me off, my wife wonders where I'm at, and the apartment is not packed up, I've missed medical appointments. Week three is only three days, a scheduled pull in to pick up the exam team, then back out for two days. I beg to get off the boat and let someone else participate in the exam. Nope, I'm too key to let go. I'm the only one that can cover my watch station. The Engineering Officer even forbids me to go to the peer for fear I might go AWOL.

I lay it on the line then. I tell them since they are holding me under duress(military rules notwithstanding) that I could easily make them fail the exam. Flub something up on my watch station, fail the verbal and written exams. Blow a drill. Hmm, lots of ways to make it go bad. (Sadly, I have too much integrity to do any of those things. So I didn't.)

The exam comes and goes, and we are pulling into port, and who do I run into, but the XO. He says to me, "Todd, why are you on the boat, I told the Engineer to not keep you this last week, so you get get ready to go." Hmmm.

A few hours later, we pull in and I've go forward and pack my stuff, get my papers and getting ready to go. The Engineer and my leading petty officer stop me and start giving me guff about where do I think I'm going? Who told me I could go? I calmly told them the XO and the Captain. They decided to physically block my way. The conversation the Engineer then had with the XO was very short and one-sided. Bon Voyage USS Atlanta. I had two days to do all my medical appointments, administrative checkout, and pack up my apartment. God blessed us with a couple of friends to help out and we scurried out of town with just enough days to drive straight for me to check in at the next place. What fun.

A little side note. The whole engineering group was stressed about it, and even several of the senior men and officers had stood up for me to try to get me out of the last few weeks. So to make a point, everyone grew sideburns, like mine. Talk about hilarious!! Some people are just not meant to have any facial hair. Ha.

And we adopted and sang tons of times a theme song, Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet. Between those things, boy were my boss and the Engineer ticked off. :) I couldn't stop laughing some days over that. Just imagine a bunch of overly hairy faces laying in the bilge, cleaning in the overheads and all singing Margaritaville.

Anyway, I feel a little bit if that now, so if you hear me singing Margaritaville, you'll know why.

have a good one,

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