Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Well, my wife has up and left me....NOT. But she has flown the coop. Oh wait, that doesn't sound right either.

Okay, I'm coming clean, she went to visit the granddaughters. Scarily, that leaves me in charge. And for like the fourth time this week, someone said to me, "oh so you guys are baching it." Since when did "baching" become a word?

When I hear something that sounds like that, I think of batching. As in batching things together to run. Okay for you nonprogrammer types, think of batching as gathering together something. When we gather a batch, we often deal with them all together.

Another thing for batching is running something in batch. Which doesn't mean grouped, but something totally different. Running something in batch often means running it unattended, in it's own process.

Wait, that sounds a lot like me, unattended, on my own (cept my son). Oh no, maybe all week folks have been referring to me batching it, like in programming. ARGH. Help, someone talk to me in normal speak.

Batching it and lonely,

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