Sunday, July 16, 2006

Birthday Weekend Day 2 - Saturday

So after sleeping off our exhaustion from Friday, we arose, and scooted out of that not so great hotel. Breakfast was a quick meal at Ryan's off St. Charles Rock Road. Good buffet.

Then it was off to Benton Park West, a St. Louis neighborhood in rehab. It was a St. Louis Photobloggers meetup. The neighborhood president, Chad, greeted us and welcome us inside his home.

His home, among several on the block is in a rebuild and recover condition. The home was a mix of original architecture and modern design. Decorations included both paintings, pictures, and chandeliers. The kitchen was beautiful, with a four station layout. Two sinks, two dishwashers and plenty of counter space were hallmarks.

Chad offered us refreshments as well as the tour. After that it was off to the neighborhood.

A house repainted but still in need of work. You can see it's sunk somewhat. Several houses had this problem.

This is just a snapshot of their community sitting garden. It is maintained by community members. There are a variety of flowers and plants, as well as cement sculptures and benches. Very nice for a being maintained by the locals.

And finally, one of my shots of the actual photographers in action. Jason is on the ground. For better or worse, this wasn't his only time being there. Then there was the shot in the street. Oh my.

There was more to do the day for me once we rounded up here. It was off to the Boathouse restaurant in Forest Park for lunch. We'd never eaten there, so it was a new experience too. Due to heavy business and heat, we opted for the beer garden seating. Nachos and chicken filled our empty tanks, along with a couple 20 oz bottles of ice cold water. Ahhh.

After that rest, we made our way up the road the St. Louis Museum of Art. This is always a great place to visit. I'll share my favorite photo from there before signing off this post.

I'll be sharing out more pics and fun here and on my flickr account. Please stop back by and check them out, comment if you're up to it.
Your St. Louis weekend tourist blogger,

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