Friday, July 28, 2006

Car Accident Follow Up Report

Both Sara and Emily are down for the count. Yesterday Sara was rushed to the doctor at waking in the wee hours in intense pain. She apparently suffered more battering in the accident than was apparent Wednesday night.

Sara didn't indicate that they found anything serious. The doctor did however prescribe both muscle relaxants and pain killers in significant doses. She is sleeping the day away off those.

Emily is also in pain and suffering over her body. Again, she and Sara were wearing seat belts thankfully, and no permanent injuries seem to have occurred.

So please say a prayer of thanks for their safety inspite of them feeling a bit beat up. We heard today the car might be totalled it was so badly damaged. A small miracle they were not injured seriously.

Please also wish them well and keep them in your prayers this weekend, till they are back on their feet.

A thankful parent himself,

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