Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Car Accident

My potential future daughter-in-law, Sara, was just involved in an accident. Another friend of my son, Emily, driving and collided with another car. Sara was Emily's passenger. Luckily both young ladies had their seatbelts on.

The other driver was injured enough to go to the hospital but not without a few tickets first. She pulled out in front of Emily unexpectedly. Apparently both cars suffered enough damage to require towing.

Emily's mother was able to come get her, however she was not willing to take Sara back to her house, onto our's, or to Emily's till this evening. So guess who was lucky enough to not be at work. Moi.

Randy and I took the ride out to the accident scene and picked up Sara. She's shaken up but doesn't appear much the worse for wear.

More later if there is anything interesting to tell.

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