Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Donation King Wal-mart!

Wal-Mart donations top $4M in Colorado - The Denver Business Journal:

I used to much prefer Donut King, but hey, I'll take Donation King in a pinch. Yet another story about your friendly neighborhood super ..... Wal-mart. Yeah, I know, I write about them a lot. So I won't give my opinion about Wal-mart tonight, but will comment on the article.

It brings to light both local Colorado donations Wal-mart has made but its total nationwide contributions. This is great, but is taken in comparison to no other companies similar to them. If the article author wished to make a more interesting statement, then perhaps comparing Target's donations would have really given us a feel for how much $319 million is for such a company.

Another downside to the article is that after apparently praising Wal-mart, the writer makes sure to sum up all of the negative critisizms of Wal-mart in the closing paragraph. As if folks need to hear something bad to balance an otherwise positive report. To add insult to injury, the closing paragraph is more opinion than about the facts. Go figure.

Check it out if you are interested in hearing about how one large company puts back into our communities.

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