Saturday, July 29, 2006

east side - a photoset on Flickr by beflice

east side is a work in progress by bfelice. She is chronicling East St. Louis through her photos.

Over the last couple of weeks, she's captured pictures of houses, businesses, and urban decay both boldly and colorfully. Her adventure is one I've never taken, and I've spent about 20 years of my life living near St. Louis. Bfelice is a bit more brave than me perhaps. :)

East St. Louis actually is across the Mississippi river from St. Louis, on the Illinois side. It hhas long been in a state of decay, and only recently has there been any positive change that I've observed. Sadly the most prominent businesses one notices from the highway are a few strip clubs.

More power to her on her adventures in East St. Louis. Bfelice, be safe my friend.

Your not so brave photoblogger,

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