Sunday, July 02, 2006

Favorite Flickr Artist of the Week - LadyLong / Ruth Rogers

Maple leaf - finished
Originally uploaded by LadyLong.
This photo is titled "Maple leaf - finishedr". Inspired by other floral concrete artists, she simply dove in to create masterpies like this.

Ruth is one of my favorite flickrites. Her work is beautiful and creative. The love of nature and joy of life is contagious.

Ruth photographs not only flowers and plants, but has shared photos of family, and pets as well. The shots of new born parrots are one of a kind.

She currently hails from Warren, Oregan. She maintains not just an active photo life on Flickr, but blogs - Toasty Frog Blog. A recent post there is a deeply engaging human interest piece.

Please take a minute or 10 to check out Ladylong on Flickr. Relax and smell the flowers.

Your friend,

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