Sunday, July 09, 2006

Favorite Flickr Artist of the Week - Maryanne_b

Originally uploaded by maryanne_b.
This photo is actuall titled ♥. I know it's simple but hey, go with it. The inspiration is her love of and joy with her mate.

Maryanne_b is one of my favorite flickrites. Her work is an exploration of self and the world around her. The love and joy she shows in her photographs really grabs me, and has attracted quite the viewership.

Though Maryanne's work has focused mostly on herself, that has not limited her creativity. She is constantly experimenting with color and pose, and even moods from joyous to depressed. A window to her sould is open in those scenes.

She currently hails from near Melbourne, Australia. I was unable to locate any other blogging for her, but she often tells whole stories in her photos, perhaps making a seperate website uneccessary.

Please take a few moments to check out her photo stream, and feel the fun. Be warned, some shots are not work safe. (Not nudie picks exactly, but more skin than I'd be willing to see at work for sure.)

Hats off to maryanne_b!
Your friend,

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