Sunday, July 02, 2006

A few days ago I posed the question about your plans for the upcoming weekend. Well, receiving only a few person to person responses, I'm guessing not much. :) I'd like to share my excitement with you then.

Saturday our agenda included the Missouri Botanical Garden as a starter and we topped off the afternoon with seeing Superman Returns.

I'd not been to the Garden in several years, and that was for the Japanese Festival. This time our visit was more generic, looking to mostly get acquinted with the garden. One thing that prompted us to visit is the new Chihuly glass exhibit throughout the garden. Mr. Chihuly constructed numerous blown glass craft pieces with the intent of intigration into current park and exhibit areas.

The park was really enjoyable and there were many exciting things to see. For example, one of the main water areas.

As usual there were an amazing variety of species and colors of flowers and plants. Here are a couple of my favorites.

I took several more photos around the park during our couple of hour stay. Some of flowers, a couple of people and one or two of my Virtualtata guests. The walk was great exercise and there was a small breeze. That said, the park did prove a bit large to cover properly in one visit, so we'll be headed back very soon.

We purchased a membership on our way in and discovered they have many good reasons for repeat visits. So look forward to more pictures and stories from the garden.

As for the Superman Returns movie, you'll have to make do with the link, so no photography is allowed in the theatre. Go see this movie. News flash SUPERMAN IS NOT GAY! I know there are going to be some folks that are upset by that. But you know what, it's a movie. Go see it or don't, save your protest breath for real causes and problems.

Little tiny itsy bitsy thing...the music. Listen to the opening movie music. I had flashbacks.

Your movie and mobot lover,

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