Tuesday, July 04, 2006

First Nature Hike - Pickle Creek

Our little family decided to do our first real nature walk. We opted to start out small, choosing the Pickle Creek trail. It is in a
conservation area near Hawn State Park in Missouri, not far from Ste. Genevieve.

The trail is about 2 miles long through a wooded area, and mostly following Pickle Creek. Taking the trail counterclockwise ended up being a good choice for us, though done by accident. We didn't see the other end's entrance. Ha.

We had a good time, including my son and his friend Paul. This also gave me an opportunity to try some nature film shots, of which I don't do normally. (I don't count my flower macros.) My wife and I got some fun shots overall. Here's a couple.

A grea experience overall. There was a small injury though. Sharon slipped and slightly twisted her ankle. She's got a wee bit of a bruise now.

Hope you are having an exciting weekend out there. Happy 4th.

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