Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday to me!

Thank you my friend Mike. I just got this surprise package from Amazon. Something off my wishlist.

Way cool, it's Neal Stephenson's book, In the beginning was the command line.

One of my favorite authors of fiction, this should prove an enlightening and entertaining read.

Quote from the Amazon review:
"Stephenson tackles many myths about industry giants in this volume, specifically Apple and Microsoft. By now, every newspaper reader has heard of Microsoft's overbearing business practices, but Stephenson cuts to the heart of new issues for the software giant with a finely sharpened steel blade. Apple fares only a little better as Stephenson (a former Mac user himself) highlights the early steps the company took to prepare for a monopoly within the computer market--and its surprise when this didn't materialize. Linux culture gets a thorough--but fair--skewering, and the strengths of BeOS are touted (although no operating system is nearly close enough to perfection in Stephenson's eyes)."

Thanks again my friend!

For my other friends, please check out Mike's flickr stream too.

Having a good day, inspite of watching my son's stitches come out...

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