Monday, July 10, 2006

IT Screen Goddesses

IT Screen Goddesses
I was so hoping this was a joke. IT Screen Goddess it says, but click on the link and you find yourself looking at the homepage for a calendar. A calendar of women in IT.

IT stands for information technology. It's what a lot of us folks who 'work with computers' say we are in when asked. Me, I just say I work with computers. (Hey, I grew up in Missouri.)

Anyway, these fine Australian women in the IT field decided a calendar was the way to raise awareness and money for women and girls headed for IT. Now does that smack of the wrong approach in my mind. I mean, here they are, in jobs where their intellect is the key component, pimping themselves out on a calendar. Their figures and faces the main attraction over their brains. Oh well.

To be fair, there are no racy shots per se. The group of them has chose to reflect various movies and their actors on the pages of the calendar. About the sexiest shot is a Catwoman homage.

It's not the pictures themselves that bother me so much as the fact that the message they send here to young ladies isn't the right one. Just my opinion mind you, but if I see a girl selling her smile, she isn't selling me on her job skills. Unless maybe she's a professional.... oh never mind.

Anyway, it's kinda cute, mostly harmless, and anything from the Aussies is always somewhat cool.
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