Wednesday, July 12, 2006 - Joseph Holst

Joseph is a St. Louis citizen, fan, and photographer. is mostly his photoblog, a window on his world, well shared.

He doesn't post every day but that just means that each shot is better shot! His focus on people and places in St. Louis is great, and he's had work included in a book. His web is frequented for example of photoblogging.

Joseph recently started up a group photoblog, St. Louis Photobloggers. Myself and several other photographers in the St. Louis area contribute. Here you'll find some of the shots you won't see in those prefab St. Louis tour books. You'll find those statues you never knew existed, parts of town you'll swear didn't exist, faces and fun tucked away from the more well traveled areas.

Joseph can say what he wants, but I see him being into sharing his joy for life and especially St. Louis.

Check out his site and the photobloggers one, and smile.

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