Friday, July 28, 2006

Last day of bachelordom...

Okay, so it's my last day of bachelordom so what's a guy to do? Basically nothing methinks. Ha.

My son and I went out for a Mexican lunch at our local favorite, El Maguey. Lunch was good as usual.

This afternoon is hang out, catch up on the news, and maybe read a book time. I really want to get out and take some pictures but I'm not sure where I'd like to go in this heat. Tomorrow my aim is to make it to another sculpture park and gallery in Kirkwood, Mo. Off of Lindbergh Blvd. I've been seeing some photos from there and it looks interesting.

If I'm real bold, I might trek out to Delmar and the Tivoli theatre and catch A Scanner Darkly. It's been 'showing' in St. Louis since 7/14, but to me showing doesn't count if it only comes to one theatre in the entire 30 mile radius of the city. More of that rant another time.

Anyway, if anyone in good old St. Louis has some free time Friday into Saturday, give me a shout and a heading, I might just come and hang.

Yours and batching it,

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