Thursday, July 20, 2006


So I'm off today. Oh wait you say, not news to you. :) My wife is always telling me I'm off.

Well today I'm off work, well not exactly but just go with it. I'm off work after driving in and hanging out two hours catching up on support. (support loosely translates to keeping up on or getting ahead of any problems.) Then, because our building has no power, the big boss sends us home.

So I'm packing up my gear, and I call my actual boss. Guess where he is? Sitting in the dark over at our regular building with my coworker. And they tell me they've been waiting for me. Now is this ridiculous. They'd been told to leave the building and came in and sat anyway. Go figure. So they thought I didn't come in. I thought they didn't come in. Good grief.

So anyway, I talk to him and explain what our big boss said, about critical work only blah blah, go home. So he says, okay sure, but oh yeah, since your coworker only has dialup, how about you um log in and check on things. That would be greeeaaatttt. Right T, you'll do that right.

Sillly me, of course I will. Wouldn't want my cool coworker to have to work over dialup or anything. And oh yeah he says, I'll be needing your cell phone number before I go. My cell phone number? The one I leave off? The one no one has? Yes, T, I'll be needing that cell phone number, thaaaannnnkkk yoooouuu. Just in case you know.

I gave up with the whole, "my home phone works you know", speach. It never works. He so desperately wants to be able to call em anywhere. Like I'm going to answer if I'm not home. :) Well, I have too much of a conscience argggghhhh. So I might.

But anyway, now I'm home, still feeling miserable being sick and all. I've been messed up since the weekend. With the power out last night, I slept only a few hours and coughed all the rest of the night. Ugh. But hey, a little A/C, a bit of fluids, some Waltusin, and I'm doing passable. So who knows what opportunities the day will bring.

Your sick and home, but cool,

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