Monday, July 31, 2006

Slow news day

Posting just to post tonight. It's been a slow news day all around. Work was average. Same old same old as we used to say in the Navy. The evening has been quiet too. Not a complaint, just seems almost anticlimatic.

My wife is back and the evening hasn't much changed, though we did eat dinner and watch a show together. It is comforting hearing her in the next room though. :)

My boss was telling me it may be the first week of October before he can spare me. Of course now that depends on if they can find a replacement for me. Which he made it sound wasn't very promising. He mentioned too that maybe they wouldn't replace me. What does that mean? Limbo? ARGH!

Don't hate the people, hate the game right? It is frustrating though that some folks just can't think outside themselves more. I'm probably just as guilty as the next guy though. :(

Just keep me in your prayers on that one please.

Anyway, so what gives with Israel and those 'rebels'? What's so hard about not shooting at each other?
Please pray for both sides on this one. Pray that some good will come of this, some light shown, some mercy given.

Did you program today? What's with that word? At what point did program shift from noun to verb? Was it always that way? Did it maybe start as a verb and became the name for thing created? Sadly, another day I didn't touch any code, look at any code, create any code, even think about any code at work. Thank goodness I'm a system analyst on an AS/400. I'd hate to waste that skill sweeping streets.

Can someone learn to be more artistic? Is that a valid question? If you learn to take better pictures through improving your technique, will you likely take pictures that folks are more likely to be interested in or impressed with? Should it matter? In the end does it?

Do geeks make better photographers? Worse? Why?

I need a hot key to drop my current song onto the clipboard for pasting into say a blog post. :)

How many flickr groups are you in? Is more better? Better for what? Are you addicted? Does the amount of groups you participate in vary in reverse relation to your self esteem or in proportion?

Semi-nude shots? No, not drinking semi-nude, but taking pictures of semi-nude individuals. (nope, dogs don't count) Is it a problem? Is it porn? Can you tell? Where does porn really start? On the page or in the mind? Is one man's statue of a naked David another man's porn? Or is it always porn or never?

And I have to ask you, who buys Michaelangelo's notebooks? I've seen those at the book stores lately. I wonder just how many folks can actually appreciate any of the things on those pages of the folks that will purchase a copy. Does it matter if they do? Is it okay to just appreciate the work without understanding any or all of it? Is it elitist to even think that out loud?

I mean who am I to question? I don't have a doctorate of anything. Perhaps only folks with degrees in art or engineering should be allowed to own copies? Hmmm. (secretly dreams that they'd have an Internet operator test much like the one for C.B. radios)

Enough ranting and venting for now. That freed my mind up a bit. Thanks for stopping by.

Your idle minded blogger,

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