Saturday, July 15, 2006

So it's my birthday...

So Sunday I'm 42, how about you? I've felt both older and younger this year than many before. Uncovering the fact that I'm diabetic has made the last 5 months much different than the 7 before.

Am I doing anything special? Well, not because it's my birthday only exactly, as we had some plans but in a way. It's always special to me when my wife and I have time together not being parents or workers or whatever, but being a couple in love, doing things together.

We took time out to spend Friday night away from home at a hotel. Our son had multiple friends over to spend the night, keeping him company. But our evening wasn't just fun and games at the hotel. :)

It was first off to dinner at Surf and Sirloin. Run by one of the Spiros restaurant family, this restaurant border on upscale, with a menu to match. The prices were not unduly high, but the service was. I'll write a longer review but overall we enjoyed our experience very well.

Since dinner was early, we decided to go out for a stroll. Our venue of choice? Laumeier Scultpure Park. The sculpture park is really more of a large park first, and a sculpture exhibition second. But oh my what sculptures and art work! Check some out here. Walking around the park was fun but exhausting. We had quite worked off dinner, and had a hankering for desert.

West County Mall is where we chose to fill the desert and rest needs. Not five minutes into the mall, while checking out the directory, who did we run into but the cream maker for Marble Slab. He sold us on the idea of trying some of their ice cream over our more common choice, DQ. It was a good choice, with Sharon and I both selecting the birthday cake flavored scoops but different mixers. Good stuff.

To top off our evening, we took a stroll around the mall, visiting in a few stores here and there. Of course I had to visit the Apple store, and my wife a women's store, Torrid. Now they had some interesting stuff. We also snagged a moment in Hot Topic to check some things out for our son. That store always has some interesting stuff. Did I say scary? :)

That was just Friday evening, and I'll have to get back to you about Saturday. Oh, and expect a review about our hotel stay. Discounted rate or not, I'll not be going back there.

Your birthday blogger,

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