Wednesday, July 05, 2006

'Videophilia' Keeps Americans Indoors

'Videophilia' Keeps Americans Indoors

You know what I think? Of course you don't, but just go with it. :) I'm thinking this is obvious to even the most casual observer. Did we really need a study to get this?

What they should be studying is another reason no one goes out hiking, weakness. Yep, weakness. I'm referring to the increasing percent of the population with various weaknesses that are alive today. Weaknesses that years ago would have resulted in at best juvenile death, if not near infant death.

I'm talking about allergies mostly. Today there are more people alive with what would have been fatal allergies even a decade ago. Lots of these folks are on constant feeds of medication just to keep from having some form of attack. And as long as medical technology continues to improve, but not find cures, the number of folks unable to go outside, eat peanut butter, or survive prolong exposure to water will continue to grow.

These folks can't go into cities maybe, or out in the woods, or even down to the local creek. Heck, some come visit the corner store. Me, before I go outside in some areas, I drug myself up with max. strenght allergy stuff for my hay fever, and hope for the best. Some days it works, others I'll sneeze a hundred times.

Anyway, I've ranted enough, and this is a strange post, and I'm not doctor, so please ignore my wild stray silly thoughts...
Have a good one, take your meds, and do go visit some nature if you can,

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