Sunday, August 27, 2006


Do you know what you 'believe'? What faith are you? Do you claim to be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist?
If you do have faith in God, is it one god, many gods, or some nameless entity? Do you worship nature or perhaps trees?

Our church, a Christian one, is beginning an ongoing study of historic foundational Christian beliefs. One of the objectives is to make it clear what it is we profess to believe, and provide a solid foundation for growth and learning.

A great benefit will be transparency in what we believe. That means someone coming to visit doesn't have to come for a year suddenly to discover that we don't worship Elvis as the supreme being. Folks can learn right away if their personal beliefs line up with where our church is at. If they aren't a match, and the person isn't interested in learning more, they can learn early and move on to a church that's a better fit, or decide to hang out and learn more.

Since the study is focused on basic and core beliefs, it shouldn't be beyond even folks new to the Christian faith. The core things will also only serve to strengthen and reinforce learning already done for people who have been Christians for some time.

Enough about our new ministry...where is your churh at with a similar ministry or method for learning? Do you perhaps have a study program geared towards new members and ongoing education? Does your church feel that perhaps folks should dive right in and blindly accept all tenets of your faith..perhaps they are pretty straightforward?

Your thoughts welcome..

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