Friday, August 11, 2006


Bokeh is defined as a photographic term describing the subjective aesthetic qualities of out-of-focus areas in an image produced by a camera lens, on wikipedia.

I've been experimenting recently with bokeh shots, as you can see by the link above. Now my little Nikon Coolpix P2 doesn't have interchangeable lenses and all that jazz, but it does amazingly well. Apparently the man behind the lense is the limitation for now.

My most recent take on bokeh is this shot:

-- from Tojosan - (?)

This was taken from behind my wife's head looking across the Metrolink tunnel. The opposite side was quite crowded as was our's, with folks just leaving the RAMS game in St. Louis.

No cropping was done on the photo, and only sharpening was done.

I'm interested in other folks experiements with bokeh shots, and some feedback on my own.

Your amateur photographer,

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