Sunday, August 13, 2006

Game Time!

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Well, I finally did it; I took my wife to a Rams' game. Thursday evening, 8/10, we hopped on the Metro link down to the Convention Center stop.

Once there, we walked around the area looking for a place to grab a quick dinner. Someone should post a big sign, 'STREETS ROLLED UP AT 6." All of the stores and restaurants were locking their doors right at 6 PM sharp. That left us wandering farther afield from the dome than we'd have expected.

Finally we stumbled upon the Hunan Manor, off Pine I believe. Even though one of the few places open, we were the only couple when we were seated. The buffet was only for lunch, so we each picked some of typical favorite dishes.

While we were waiting for our dinners to arrive, one other couple came into the restaurant. They were the only other ones there while we were. During short conversation with them we made a cool discovery, they were from Chesapeake, Virginia. This is one of tthose small world stories, as my wife grew up several of her years near there, and our youngest was born in Chesapeake.

Well, our dinners were both fresh and tasty, as well as generous portions. My wife had the sweet and sour chicken, which was a light variation off normal with smallish chicken pieces and a smooth, but not heavily put on sauce. Sliced garlic chicken was my dish of choice, and was pleasantly spicey, with a good mix of chicken and vegetables.

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After polishing off dinner, we made our way, with quite a crowd, into the
Edward Jones Dome. There was plenty of time to grab our seats before the game started, ad we were soon sitting ready to enjoy it.

The game was a good first experience with lots of action on the field. It was a bit hard to follow for us live sports amateurs, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Our seats weren't too bad; they were behind the Colts End Zone. Folks next too us weren't too loud or obnoxious, making it easier to pay attention.

Overall, I'd rate this worth the value this time. I'm not sure I'd want to make a habit of spending this much on a date night often though. My wife really appreciated the experience, and my thoughtfullness.

Oh yes, the Rams won 19 to 17.

Your football neophyte,

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