Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an old tool in net terms, but new to me. It was recommended to me by Scott from ZeroToleranceRocks.

Scott's been using it for his site, and related how great the information is. He also mentioned that part of that quality is the price, free!

A quick list of things provided:
Visits broken down by new and returning visitors
Visits broken down by source by browser/system
Bounce rate! This is great to make visible how many folks go back from a given page on your site

This last one to me is an eye opener. I already can see a few pages that folks stop at, and go back from.

Anyway, I'd have to spend a while to list all the features but I recommend you just sign up and give it a whirl. It's noninvasive to your site, supports multiple pages, and multiple sites. It integrates with just a wee snippet of code to boot. Even a beginner could install this.

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