Sunday, August 20, 2006

St. Louis Photobloggers - Carondelet Meetup

The St. Louis Photobloggers had their August Meetup Saturday August 19th. Members old and new met at the Boathouse Lake in Carondelet Park around 6PM, with the sun still a good bit above the horizon. In attendance were Joseph, Tom and Maggie, Sharon and I, Shannon, Chad, and Mike.

Chad, Mike and Shannon were new to our group since last time, but are all avid photographers, even bloggers before joining our happy little group. For the others of us, this was our third get together in as many months, so there were introductions as well as welcoming handshakes all around.

Deciding to explore the neighborhood more than the park, we started off around the lake, and South to the nearest neighborhood. On our way to the side of the park, we ran across a large church picnic, and stopped to chat. Low and behold, it was the same church several of us had photographed during our last meetup in Benton Park West, The Last Days Apostalic Church. We were blown away by the coincidence. A young lady from the group invited us to come down some time for a Wednesday or Sunday service. Sounds mighty tempting, especially if they'll be cooking out like there were on Saturday. Ha.

Clearing the park, we began our treck through the neighboring streets. Straight South at first, but later meandering a bit, then finally heading East for a while. The total trip basically made a large rectangle of sorts, ending us back at the pavillion at the Boathouse Lake.

Some shots from our journey:

And last, but not near all of them....

Hats off to the St. Louis Photobloggers for another great get together, and a hearty welcome to the newcomers.


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