Saturday, August 05, 2006

Too much!

Article: Body Modification a Growing Trend, When Piercings Aren't Enough, Some Implant Bars, Split Tongues - CBS News

WARNING: the image on this site may be disturbing to some folks - no nudity but it is body modification - I recommend you preview before showing your kids

The warning aside, I found it gross. Apparently people have moved from using their body as merely a canvas for art, to becoming the medium of that art as well. No longer are folks just going in for piercings and tattoos, both now considered almost mainstream, but they are getting their self altered.

Hmm, altered is my word, they call it body modification. Some of these people are adding horns, extra things a their joints, and some few even things extruding from their chests.

A upsurge in this sort of thing might indicate it was all fun and games. Apparently not, as even folks that have had the work done will relate stories of infection and discomfort. Most of these procedures are being performed in an almost 'underground' environment, sort of a secret society thing.

I've always felt that tattoos were on the fringe, though I'm not against them, but there would be no way I could endorse this sort of thing. Please read the article and let me know what you think.

Your unpierced, no tat sporting blogger,

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