Wednesday, October 25, 2006

365 - a photoset on Flickr

Link: My 365 Set

I've begun a new photography journey and group, the 365 Days group. From the description The Challenge: Post 365 different self-portraits. One per day for an entire year.

So far my comrades and I are on day three. Please feel free to comment or join us. If all else fails, drop by and enjoy a laugh and a smile.

Here are my first threee shots.
--Day 1

-- from Tojosan - (?)

--Day 2

-- from Tojosan - (?)

--Day 3

-- from Tojosan - (?)

If you do get time, please check out a few shots from those coming along for the ride:
--Nanna J

-- from Nanna J - (?)


-- from *Karen - (?)


-- from simis - (?)

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