Thursday, October 26, 2006

School Bans 'Captain Underpants' Costumes

Link: KSDK NewsChannel 5 - School Bans 'Captain Underpants' Costumes

So can you say underpants at work? Well apparently you can't wear them at this highschool, at least not on the outside.

The school hosted a Superhero Day, in lieu of Halloween costumes. Three 17 year old girls, one an honor student, came dressed as Captain Underpants. The costumes were beigne leotards, nude stockings, red capes, and white briefs. I'd have laughed my tail off seeing that.

Principal Restivo didn't approve of their appearance of nakedness and sent them home. And I suppose the other underwear clad superheros got by because their's were bright colors?

Oh well, the insanity in our world continues..and oh yeah, one more thing, what is the world coming to when the best costumed superhero these three could find was a children's learning-to-potty book character.

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