Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Forbidden Kitchen tests McDonald's menu�|�In Depth�|�Reuters.com

Link: Forbidden Kitchen tests McDonald's menu|In Depth|Reuters.com

I'm not normally a big fan of McDonalds over other places, but this article made me want to visit China. It seems McDonalds is cooking up some tasty Asian and other dishes in a little place in Hong Kong.

The little kitchen, affectionately referrred to as the Forbidden Kitchen, prepares such dishes as the McCurry Pan, and the McArabia, a seasoned chicken sandwich.

It all sounds too tasty to be McDonalds, or at least the one in my neighborhood. Maybe they will be the place to eat again. Believe it or not, the big local favorite it Taco-Bell.

More power to you McDonalds, and bring on the shrimp burger!


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