Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Charlene Li's Blog: Forrester’s corporate blogging solutions evaluation, Part 1

Charlene Li's Blog: Forrester’s corporate blogging solutions evaluation, Part 1

This is especially an interesting thread since we've really just begun to blog at work.

The blog at work is currently open to a handful of programmers and commentary by only a few additional individuals. One of those though is the VP of our department. He has actually posted an encouraging comment or two as well as sending an email to thead of this blog project, complimenting him on the effort.

Old news that work blogs are here, but it will be interesting to see how this organization goes about it and what tool they end up with.


Monday, January 30, 2006

Lifetimetv.com: Games - RSVP

Lifetimetv.com: Games - RSVP
This is deceptively simple game, but can be a time waster!

Match the colors around the circle is not a new game, but this animated version adds a bit of reward. The card faces morph into smiles and sad faces during your play. Hopefully they all express joy once you complete the pattern with all colors properly lined up.

Lifetimetv.com has several other games. This site is geared for that sort of crowd. No first person shooters here.


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Why Macs Suck - Google Video

Why Macs Suck - Google Video

This link is for myself and some friends at work who might appreciate it!

Programming at home

Do you program at home?
What project are you working on?
What tools?
What platform? WindowsXP? OSX? Linux variant?

I'm really curious if all the folks writing programs at home have most of their effort aligned with major open source projects or personal ones.


Batgirl meme - livejournal gone wild

himynameisjamie: I invented the interwob.
This guys homepage has links to hundreds of Batgirl drawings. Mostly posted on livejournal blogs but some few on others.
Another fun thing to visit on the web.


I need a Hero-A Squishy - Google Video

I need a Hero-A Squishy - Google Video

Great job of putting EQ2 video to music.
One of the best i've seen.


Prüfung - Google Video

Prüfung - Google Video
You know what my favorite cola brand is...

Stick Page - Best Stick Figure Movies and Stick Games, with flash games, movies, Xiao Xiao style.

Stick Page - Best Stick Figure Movies and Stick Games, with flash games, movies, Xiao Xiao style.


It was hilarious. One evening about two weeks ago, my son was serfing Google Video for anime shorts, and ran across one of the old stick figure fighting movies from this site. Some of these have been around for quite a while, and sadly I never thought to share the joy with him. (We are both big into kung-fu/karate movies.)

The big jist of it is about reduction to bare form of the action genre movies. No big lights, fancy costumes, or overpaid actors with underpaid stunt doubles. Nonstop action, quirkiness, and the occasional 'Matrix' feeling.


Sixth Annual Weblog Awards

Fairvue Central >> Bloggies >> Sixth Annual Weblog Awards

Check it out, talk about navel gazing!

Official Google Blog: Google in China

Official Google Blog: Google in China

Google defends its choices regarding Google.cn.

Interesting insight in to why a company makes this kind of choice.
It keeps the respect meter from taking a dive this week for Google, at least in my eyes.

Like I always say, 10% is better than zero.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Photo of myself and granddaughters from our visit to Seattle last year.

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Beasties?!

Wired News: Awesome, I Sat Through That

Ok, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the editor screwed up. More likely though, Jason messed up. There is even a link to the groups website, http://www.beastieboys.com.

Go figure!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Apple - iMac - dream toy!

Apple - iMac is my dream toy. They've now switched to Intel inside but I'm not sure for me this makes a difference.

I know a couple of Mac addicts who swear this is the primary use system in their houses.

Perhaps I'll budget in a couple hundred a month towards one?!

Anyway, I'm hoping to see several new software ports Max OS 10.x as a result.

Blizzard is already porting their Mac version binaries to a specific Intel Mac compile. No charge to the users for the new executables.

Now if I could just convince Sony to port EQ2!

More on this later,

Movie: article - St. Louis Commerce Magazine

St. Louis Commerce Magazine - movie theatres in St. Louis
This article, though old news overall, is a good overview of the cinemas in the St. Louis metro area.
Couldn't dig up any facts on the Ritz single screen one online but I'll ask around.

Movie: St. Louis Cinema's Web Site

As two of my compadres pointed out today, there are more theatres in St. Louis than Wehrenbergs. The site in this short article accounts for three of them that got mentioned today. Two of them are definitely a cut above the norm.

I've visited none of these three cinemas yet, but someone in St. Louis appears to like them!
Visit the website, and visit in person.
Welcome to the St. Louis Cinema's Web Site

I'll post a review as soon as I can get to one of them.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Movie: our local chain - Wehrenberg

Wehrenberg is the main movie house chain on our side of the river. They are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year. Wehrenberg has been a staple of movie goers longer than any other privately held chain in the United States.

They recently introduced our favorite new thing after movies and popcorn, the MVP card. Every cinema chain should have these. Basically points are awarded based on what you spend at the box office and concession stand. We've already earned free tickets, free popcorn and free sodas! May seem silly but if you hit the movies like our family does, it's really worth it.

Wehrenberg theatres are being built new and retrofitted with with arm rests that fold up between the seats. They refer to them as snuggle seats but you can put all the arm rests up in a row but the outside ones. So maybe some really close friends could row snuggle?

Anyway, our choice is pretty much always Wehrenberg. I'm a loyalist if everything else is equal. But in conclusion, they've kept one thing that keeps them a small notch up, Pepsi products!

Anyway, if you are in or around St. Louis, come check out a movie and maybe you'll catch my family in the seats next to you.

Movie: Last Holiday

If you like Queen Latifah, then you'll like this movie. She's over the top and solid as usual. This is a movie about chosing to truly live, to live out all those little and big desires you keep putting off for some other time, a time you'll be 'living'.

This movie has the Queen off and running in a far off resort. Hanging with politico's, corporate moguls, and a famous chef!

QL was her usual funny self and everyone else is just in her orbit. In preperation for this movie, she spent some time training to cook. Not enough to become a world class chef, but enough to not look the fool in the kitchen scenes. LL Cool J is technically in the movie, but any actor could have filled that spot for the short amount of screen time. There were a few guest appearances by some chef's you'll recognize if you watch the Food Network. Also a singer I've not seen in quite a while makes an ever so short appearance.

This movie is generally family safe save perhaps one moment in the spa, and that is just a quick few words by the Queen to another guest. You could easily miss it.

As a note, Queen Latifah never looked better than in some of the outfits for this movie!

Go check it out, it's a movie about escape from the everyday grind as much as anything else.
More to come, but this is the first of many movies to go see this year.

Gaming Hub: Animal Crossing

Gaming Hub: Animal Crossing
Think you have the Animal Crossing bug big time? Check out the Animal Crossing wifi hub page. It indicates busiest players, and your last two weeks of activity.
Also shows the current rate of activity vs the average and highest.
Go visit, see if you made the top 5!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

GreenCine | Wuxia

GreenCine | Wuxia: "Wuxia Pian"
Wow, this is a great introduction to this film genre.
A few of my favorites in this sort of films echos theirs:
Hero, House of Flying Daggers, and Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon. These are all more modern flicks, but there are classics that really defined what drew me into Chinese martial arts movies.

Hope this perks your interest.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Blog at work?

Do you blog at work?
It seems nowadays all the big well known shops and some of the lesser ones are posting their blogs to the public.

Does your work have a public or private blog? Message boards? Email groups?
A pin up board?

Is the written blog the end of the word exchange mode or just the beginning of something bigger?


Animal Crossing - mysterious cat

Have you seen the mysterious cat in your village?
Has it got a crazy face?

How would you like to join a little experiment? Let's see if that cat face gets passed along to someone else over the ether.

The next time it comes up I'm going to make the face a url linking back here.
If anyone wants to do it first, go ahead and link here or to my blog.
I'll get a tiny url and comment it in shortly.

Again, Animal Crossing, mysterious cat, face painting.
Put a link to here in if you can.


Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Splintered Mind by Douglas Cootey

The Splintered Mind by Douglas Cootey

This blog is great! I just discovered it today through a random link on my admin page. Talk about relating to something, oh my. Some folks don't know I suffer some of the same problems as this individual mentions, I mostly try to keep it down. ha!

Here's to you Douglas.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Family Stone

Movie review - feel free to skip if you don't rent, buy or otherwise go see movies

The Family Stone has a cast of players you will probably recognize from other movies and TV shows, most notably Sarah Jessica Parker and the guy from Coach, Craig T. Nelson. The movie is yet another love story comedy, (YALSC). The plot is a bit convoluted getting to the point but it turns out to be a bit obvious how things are going to turn out. I won't spoil the ending for you.

Overall the movie had some really funny moments and suprisingly some really endearing ones. Believe it or not, I actually got choked up at one point.

There were few really inspired moments though. Or more accurately there were one or two that just kept being in your face over and over and over. Let me just say one thing - racially mixed gay deaf couple. Now just imagine the repeats play on that one.

The movie takes place at Sarah's fiancies family's house. The whole gang shows up and she has to face off against them. Most of the movie centers around that conflict and all that goes with it.

Not soo funny moment - the rant against gays, deaf people and racially mixed couples

Most out of place over the top - wild drunken bar behavior

Most out of place slapstick - spilled breakfast casserole, if you saw the previes, you've seen all the good stuff to be had here

Inspite of my somewhat negative critique, the movie was overall fun and a good movie for couples.

Definitely worth renting.


Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2006! I hope your year is off to an exciting start. Can't say that mine's been a bed of roses but I do have somethings to think happily on.

- new ATI 800 PCIx video card - purchased with Christmas money - talk about a sweet graphics upgrade! My club in EQ2 has swirling woodword?! Who knew?!
- new Nintendo DS game - Animal Crossing - talk about something totally different - see my previous post for more information
- I still have a job after over 10 years out of the Navy! Man, it's incredably hard to believe.

Anyway, things are bact to normal at my house. We are back to work, and my youngest is back to school. The grind begins again until another vacation comes up.

How is your year?


Animal Crossing for Nintendo DS

Animal Crossing for Nintendo DS
This is my latest gaming time waster!
Short summary: Animal Crossing places you in the role of a new citizen to a fairly small village. You are given a house with sparse furnishings for which you took a loan from a local vendor.

With that start off you quickly get invovled meeting other residents, doing errands and exploring the scope of your new home town.

Neat features:
- wifi connectivity to other AC owners, you can visit their towns!
- customization - create your own clothing and other designs
- the in game days are tied to the actual real life days, down to the actual time. stores open and close, and villagers have behavoir based on the date and time.

Overall, this is going to be a game I get my money's worth out of.

Check out the website.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Dev Tracker - EverQuest II Official Forums

Play EQ2? Interested in the latest word from the devs? You should be checking here daily.

Read more at eqiiforums.station.sony...