Friday, March 31, 2006

The Escapist Lounge - Local Goldmines

The Escapist Lounge - Local Goldmines

Local Goldmines is an article by Dana Massey of MMORPG.COM.

The article is basically an editorial about the extreme focus of off the shelf games on an USA targetted audience. Part of the issue is that there are a good many developers outside the US that could be developing, for example, games that are Canadian centric.

I enjoyed the article, though it was nontechnical, and Dana isn't an unbiased author.

Overall if you are interested in that community, it was worth the read, if for nothing else than to get you thinking.

Over and out,

tojosan - Tojosan's Googling Page

tojosan - Tojosan's Googling Page
My Google Homepage Beta page...home page even. :)

Not much to look at. I've not had an actual page for a long time. Any suggestions as to what to put there besides links? Maybe more permanent stuff than a blog?


Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Blog: Ask In Primetime

The Blog: Ask In Primetime

Great to see Ask ads both online and on air. They've captured the cute and interesting factor in these videos.

Ask hasn't been my search engine of choice in the past, but the videos inspired enough curiosity to give them a try. returned basically the same results as Google on a handful of searches I conducted. The addition of the spyglasses was nice, but I'm not sure how much I'd use that feature.

On an image search they returned different images, or perhaps they returned them in different orders. Ask's image display is cleaner and mouse over viewing of information was very nice. That's a feature I'd use.

A final comparison test...did they find me?
Search on "tojosan" and what did I find?

Both found my blog and blogger profiles here at Blogspot, but Google also found my flickr site.

All in all, I'd say Ask has done a more than fair job of getting in the game on search. Now all they have to do is make sure I'm found when someone searches on "best blog".
(oh yeah, found and on the front page, neither of which showed up on Google's first page.)
Over and out,

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What is the value of a thing?

What is the value of a thing, especially a thing you aren't necessarily planning on selling? Or maybe in the case I have in mind, when do I get the value back for the money I spent?

I recently purchased a digital camera, Nikon Coolpix P2. Between mostly myself, and my wife and son, we've take about 300, if not more pictures. Several of those you can check out at my flickr site.

For me it has been a discovery of self, as well as what it means to actually use a camera. Not use as in push a button, but to explore taking pictures for fun!

Daredevil faces off against Grey Alien

And more fun...
Youngest son and wife, waterside at Union Station

It's a different experience from that of taking pictures because it's a birthday or some other occassion. The freedom to choose to take a picture on the spur of the moment, a picture of anything or anyone.

Middle of the mall vendor, Union Station

So, back to my question, when do I realize the value vs what I spent on the camera? Is it at 100 photos? 200? a thousand? Or is it more of an emotional thing? Some little irrational point at which the joy I've had using it, and exploring myself and the world around me more than x number of $....

I'd say I've gotten my money's worth when I'm ready to move up to a better camera. Not sure if that's a good idea or way to decide, but hey, anyone got a better one?

Over and out,

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Pair programming at work (not exactly)

Today I had a new experience, working side by side with someone on coding. It was a rather instructive experience and not truly pair programming, though there were two monitors, two keyboards, two mice, and two of us. :)

Mostly I was given the rundown on how this particular code was setup (C#) and how it was used as a test against the actual class.

After that, we ran several test executions to demonstrate how the test ran versus what it was designed to test. Changing things here and there. And, believe it or not, I actually contributed a very tiny bit to improving the test.

Overall it was a great learning experience and time well spent. Sadly, there just isn't enough of that at our jobs these days.


My neice gets her day in court

Thursday March 30,2006
Rebecca Carter has
her day in court
By Scoop McGee

Luray, Va. (AP)
In front of a packed to the rafters Page County Court House, Rebecca Carter faced the television cameras like she was born to be there. Carter, accepting an award for her most recent piece of work titled "The Page County I Know," was one of twelve guest speakers at the ceremony. Carter received a framed copy of her work as well as a certificate noting the honor.
"I would like to thank my father for being such an inspiration to me as well as being my biggest fan", said Carter after the reception.
The celebration marked the 175th anniversary of the founding of Page County as well as being part of the build-up to next years 400th anniversary of the Jamestown, Va. colony. Other notable speakers included Lieutenant Govenor Bill Bolling, Senator Mark Obenshain and House Delegate Todd Gilbert.
The event was covered by Channel 3 out of neighboring Harrisonburg, Virginia as well as four local newspapers. The day closed out with a 2 hour reception at The Mimslyn Inn in Olde Town Luray.
The highlight of the reception was the sealing of the time capsule which included a copy of Ms. Carters story among numerous other items. When asked about the highlight of the event, Rebecca pondered about her conversation with the Lt.Gov before finally answering, " going with my Dad to get an ice cream".

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thursday's Doctor's appointment

Went well. He is pleased with my weight loss, 10 pounds so far.
My sugar is fairly stable which is also good.
I'm to continue with daily monitoring, increase exercising, and dieting.
So far I've pretty much cut out all sweets. The only sweet I've had
recently is sugar free icecream.
One of the biggest challenges is watching more closely the foods I eat and
adding in more vegetables and fiber.

So there's the status...

Slashdot | Pair-Programming with a Wide Gap in Talent?

Slashdot | Pair-Programming with a Wide Gap in Talent?

This question on Slashdot practically shouted to me. I've never pair programmed in my life, and only occasionally worked on the same code with another programmer asynchronously.

I'm striving to find time to begin learning both pair programming, and C# coding at the same time. My plan is to invest off time for personal C# skill development, and more off time to pair with an experienced C#, .Net, and pair programmer.

Here's looking at me not being a drag on anyone's efforts.


Poetry and prose by my son...

My son recently received this nice certificate:

Poetry Certificate!

A scan of the poem:

Real or a dream - poetry/prose

Link to the poem at

It is an Editor's Choice award from! Good work kiddo! He wrote this poem about a year ago, and has continued improving his work. My son is big into message boards, fan sites, and online communication. As of late, he has become interested in doing more media creation such as videos.


Talk Chalk Episode 3

Talk Chalk Episode 4

Now I'm not saying you should give up the IDF or cable or one of those lower channels, but he is out there exercising his creative talents with friends. I'm all for whatever direction he goes, but if he goes with media, now is the time to actually get some skills. :)

Mostly I think he indulges all of this for the fun of it and the friendship. More power to him!

Best to all,

Monday, March 27, 2006

"Beware the Thought Police"

Is this shirt funny?
Being a Christian, should I be laughing or be sad at this commentary?

My call - it's sad.

Christians, though believing of course our faith in Christ to be the only right choice, believe that each man and woman must choose that belief. We are not to focus on demeaning anyone or even another religion. This is more than a comment or comparison, and falls under the crude or rough talk category perhaps?

Or am I being a bit rightwing and over the top?

Maybe it's funny in context?

Chat back later,

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Union Station - a photoset on Flickr

Union Station - a photoset on Flickr

Yesterday, Saturday March 25th, my family and I took an outing to Union Station in downtown St. Louis. This was part of an effort to get some flickr folks interested in taking pictures at the same general place/time without a specific meet up.

I didn't speak with anyone outside of the St. Louis Flickr group, nor did my family mention it to or ask anyone at Union Station if they were capturing shots for flickr. At least one other photog was there.

One of my personal favorite shots from yesterday is:
Middle of the mall vendor, Union Station

The visit was fun and interesting. People were bustling around just shopping, some relaxing, and others just chatting and visiting with friends. It is a very clean and well lit environment, with lots of greenery. Benches and other sitting places are provided for, and ramps and an elevator for were also easy to find.

I'm glad we went, photos or not.

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Tag testing.....

So I wanted to test out a theory.

What if I started putting tags at the end of my blog posts? I believe the correct type of tag would work just fine.

So here goes...and let me know if these work okay.

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sample code:

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Gmail problems... again? (Get some real news)

Gmail problems... again? | | CNET

I'm sorry, but Elinor is a smart woman. Can't she find any real news(smirk) to report. The whole 'blog' entry is about how some folks are complaining about the Gmail uptime, or more accurately downtimes.

Elinor, you could report about my ISP, and its quality of service, and frankly, you'd have gotten more replies. :) Let's see your talent really shine, hunt down a story about the big search gurus sites.

Sorry to rant here in my blog, I'd have posted a comment but I'm about 'free registered' out and heck, I have my own blog. :)

Elinor, find me more fun and interesting stuff to read, not a few folks whining, or a link to someone else's thoughts on pictures about some technoceleb. :)

Make your geeky blog one I come back to more and more.

Over and out,

Monday, March 20, 2006

Custom cubes in St. Louis? Is your workspace user friendly?

If you follow this blog, you know about the wood flooring in the cube. If not, catch up already. :)

Anyone out there, or someone you know customized their cube by more than hanging a picture of their wife or dog? Have you or they moved the walls, taken them down, redone the floor or painted?

Have you moved around your desks? Brought in new chairs, or tossed them entirely for bean bags? Let me here about it please.

And speaking of user friendly is your workspace?
Real daylight or flourescent? Moldly old carpet, or tile? Grays and grays and grays, or splashes of color? Can you roll your chair or even have wheels on them?
Are there decent bathrooms, a cafeteria or a private place to do those nonbathroom private things, like say, take a blood sugar reading, or whatever?

Are offices in St. Louis substandard? Or are office spaces across the US a cruel joke like something out of that movie?

I'd be willing to take all comments on St. Louis cube farms, office spaces, or new and crazy noncube spaces you've been working in.

It is my bet that most folks that program or do other office work, either work in totally open spaces or cube farms, with drab carpet, poor lighting and more ambient nose than with the kids over.

St. Louis is at the heart of the Midwest, and is often behind the power curve by many years in inovations, technology, and even cube design by what I hear. So prove me wrong or right. (That's if anyone ever reads this silly blog.)


Movie: Night Watch

So to the surprise of a few I ventured out to see Night Watch. I'm still surprised that no one thought I'd be interested in this movie; goes to show what they know. :)

The website gives you a ton of info, so here I'm going to just give you the basics and my review.

Overall rating: 3/5 - go see if you like foriegn films that are dark, moody, and have some violence

The movie is a made in Russia flick! Yay! This is my first experience with Russian film in any venue.

Though the entire movie was otherwise in Russian, the prologue and ending narration were both in English. Captioning was well done and I totally forgot I wasn't watching in English by the end.

My wife and I agree that the plot was a bit confusing. Neither of us had read the books, so that might have been helpful. The largest confusion came with added characters who were much mentioned but we see little of them in action, nor how they contribute.

An additional complication to understanding the plot was that it wasn't as simple as it might appear to be at first. The end of the movie ties several things together that unless you were playing attention, you'd be saying..ohhhhh.

The acting was fairly average with a few exceptions. This may be a language barrier, but all but the main character seemed to be less than excitable. The only other one to show real emotion were the dark siders. Light siders must have been on mellow drugs or something.

Action sequences were highly kinetic. Lots of motion, and changing of camera angles. Some parts, like the big yellow truck moving through traffic, were almost cartoonishly exaggerated. Again, unfamiliarity with Russian cinema on my part makes this hard to judge. It may be a normal part of their action movies.

The worst scenes were near the beginning with the witch, and a fight scene near the end. Both were confusing, and were overlapped with flashes of future and past. Black and white shifts were also common, causing confusion.

Black and white filming was used in several parts of the movie to represent visions as well as slipping into the 'gloom'. The gloom being sort of otherworldly place just a sidestep outside our perception. Overall the effect was passable at times, but almost enough to give you a seizure otherwise, with the quick flip between color, and b/w combined with angle and action shifts.

The direction of the movie was adequate in general, with one or two moments of great feeling and choreography taking place. The man's angst at the power plant was well done!

Overall, this was a great first experience for me with a Russian movie. There was plenty of action, vampire type creatures, deadly combat moves, swords, shapeshifters, and some tech. I believe this gentelman will do better on the sequal!

WARNINGS: blood, graphic and gross depictions of changes, blood, a woman almost losing her baby in graphic pain...etc...this is not for little children, and quite possibly not for most folks. :)

I'll be writing a small review about the theatre, the Landmark Tivoli in St. Louis.

52nd City: North City Parking Lot Tour '06

52nd City: North City Parking Lot Tour '06

This is a great little post by Thomas Crone, late of 52ndcity newspaper. He is on a journey to capture photos of old moviehouses in St. Louis. One or two of these I maybe visited, but I'm thinking some of these mentioned have been gone many many years.

He not has blogged about them, but the article provides links back to his photos.

Small note though, he didn't link directly to the photos.

I'm interested to see more.


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Memories of independence....

Follow this link to see a few shots of the cube and work space. Just ignore me in the photos.

The actual cube dweller has some more photos I might clear to post or he might post himself.


Employees at regular companies do XP?

Do employees at companies other than software companies get to use XP? Agile? Similar?

Where I work, one group has been brave enough to transition to an XP programming style. Their use includes stories, pair programming, stand-up meetings, and other techiques. This particular team programs primarily in a .Net environment, focussing on ASP and C#.

All this said, we don't develop software as an external product. All software design is done for internal use, for such things as orders, contracts, invoicing, inventory control and product alottment. So far only this one group has been able to make the transition to XP though. I'm wondering if that's all that ever will.

Does XP only work with platforms such as .Net or languages such as C and Java? Does it only work well with web based applications, or can it be applied equally well across invoicing application design and upkeep? Can it be applied in an AS/400 RPG/CL/Java environement?

The idea appears to be meeting with some resistance. Obviously its fairly recent that it's been in vogue, but the benefits seem obvious. So where does the resistance come from?

I think it centers around a few main points:
1) We've always done busines the way we do now
2) Introduction of new tools/methods means a disruption aka introduction of chaos and chaos always seems negative
3) How do we explain/train the users to allow us to work in this new way?

A few of us have formed a team to address some of these issues. However, the resistance is high, and the odds seem stacked the other way.

I'll be blogging here and on the Software Developer's blog at work as we make progress or backstep, but in the mean time, if you are reading this and have any ideas, toss them my way please.


Saturday, March 18, 2006

So the wood grain tile floor is gone

Well that didn't last long, and shows you truly can't redecorate your cube, and you can only do limited accessorizing.

So it's been a week or so of the lone simulated wood floor cube, and it's gone. The 'furniture police' issued an edict to have it removed. Though the consequences were unspecified, it have involved 'HR action' if not done.

The original point of adding the new flooring is no longer important and perhaps to some never was. I'm not sure, but I'll wager the question didn't even come up as to why it was put down, or how it affected the workers in that space. And order to remove it came with the statement that it was 'unprofessional' and strange. I'm sure glad we have someone to tell us those things; you know us professional programmers, we are so unprofessional and strange. :)

So what's the impact here of the story of one coders choice to be an individual and provide a cube floor overlay? How will this affect his work going forward? His team's perception of him and the company? Will his manager give him less than satisfactory performance marks now that someone else has labeled this action as unprofessional and out of the norm?

Or maybe this will go the way of some things...forgotten and forgiven.

But which is worse? Would it be better that peoples minds still deal with this, even if their response behavoir is negative? Or would we rather they forget the whole thing and move on, like nothing had ever occurred?

I think if he can stand the heat, better they don't let it go away in their minds, and that they continue to have to question the why of the floor, and their response, and the value of conformance to an arbitrary standard.

Let us not go quietly into the night someone once said.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Is your work blog taking off?

Or is it a dead end place? Our company doesn't have a blog but some of our developers have one going. And it's pretty much reached a dead end.

Wow, how is that possible? Several bright and not too shy to share folks have access to post there. They can post from work or home. There are projects, great and small going on.

So what's the deal? Do we blog too much at home? Are we really that busy? Is it that no one that can blog cares about it?

Or is there something more insidious that drives folks not to blog? Perhaps fear? But fear of what?

Fear of sharing personal thing by accident? Not likely unless you just get to ranting and hit the ENTER key by accident.

Fear of looking like a fool? Well if you can't say something stupid once in a while and get over it, maybe you shouldn't have a job where you work with actual people. :)

So fear of what? I think it's fear that you are going to say something that gets you fired? So what would give someone that impression?

If we look at lots of other companies, many of them have employees that blog. Witness Google, and Yahoo, and Heck, Microsoft, Apple, and others have corporate and employee blogs galore. It is a rare thing we hear about someone being fired over a blog, and trust me, with bloggers you'd know. :)

So good grief, if you have a place to be vocal and the VP says go for it, then go for it. That is unless you are prone to fly off the handle, call people names, and generally insult the intelligence of said VP. :)

My vote? I'm in for blogging at work if they are going to pay me for that time. :)
And if I shake things up abit, maybe they should be shaking and quaking and all that jazz already.

I'll get back to you at my new job after tomorrow's rant? :) (JK)


My work, my work, what do I do?

My work is what exactly? I get asked that about once per week by friends and family.

I mean, hey, I don't exactly do a job you see on TV often. There is no wrench turning, sandwhich making, or plane flying for me. I don't repair sinks or cars. No one consults with me for their brain surgery. So what is it you do again I get asked over and over.

Well, see I sit at a desk and ...Oh so you do office work? Like filing and spreadsheets right?

Well um no, see I work on a computer...Oh so like with a word processor and something?

No, I work with computers...oh so you build them or fix them right?

Not exactly, I'm a programmer, a programmer, so you make programs?

Yeah, at least part of the what kind of programs, like tv programs, radio?


And so it goes...if you want to know what a programmer does, he pulls his hair out...that's what he does.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

May I blog for you?

Would you consider contracting out someone to post your blog? Not that they'd post their ideas as yours, but relay your words into a blog. Perhaps they'd just like to email you and include links etc. Your contracted person would turn that into a blog entry, with correct linking to referenced sites, relevant photos, and do some basic editing.

This would be a great way to remain anonymous and get your feet wet.

Would you?


Meet the Agents of Change

Meet the super agents of change I'll be working with to effect improvements in our development practices.

Agent F
Agent F of Change

Agent J
Agent J of Change

Oh and not to forget anything important... the chairs of change.
Chairs of change

Please feel free to let these intrepid agents know their work is valuable! Or at least that they look scary.


Shopping centre for Electronics in Singapore

All I can say is wow! I'm going to shop here when I'm Singapore, but the person presenting the photo tells me this isn't the biggest.

My wife might like this place too.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Barnes Jewish Professional Building

Where I went today to learn about diabetes and diet. Believe it or not, this was educational and not entirely unfun.

The presenters were both named Karen. Both were experts in their fields. They walked us through how diabetes works, or more importantly, how insulin works. Also there was much explanation of what are good numbers, when to self test, and what the A1C test is.

Overall great information for anyone who is diabetic or living with someone who is. Not any high tech stuff to show my wife and I, but real world examples and plain talk.

The key thing I got out of it, is that even management of the overal sugar intake is key. Another important topic is that diabetes isn't because you are overweight, but being overweight leads to the evidencing of symptoms more readily.

We discussed meal planning, carb balancing, what carbs really matter, and more in the food arena. The big focus was on reading the labels, and knowing what you eat.

The next session will go deeper into diabetes management and food planning.

Overall value: 5/5 for my time.


Google buys another one..SketchUp

Google buys SketchUp

So what is SketchUp? Here is a quote from their main page:

"Developed for the conceptual stages of design, SketchUp is powerful yet easy-to-learn 3D software. We think of it as the pencil of digital design. This award-winning software combines a simple, yet robust tool-set that streamlines and simplifies 3D design inside your computer. SketchUp is being used by anyone with the desire to..."

The announcement came yesterday hot on the heels of Google's acquisition of Writely.

So is this how Google will keep its edge? It's remarkable factor? Or is this Google making a transition to more than just a search engine?

Well, I for one am anxious to see where they go, and if they can continue to be something folks want to 'remark' about to their friends and family.

My advice though, don't buy things just because you haven't developed them, buy them because they are remarkable in themselves. Do they make you share about them? Did you tell a close friend first? Would you?

I'm watching and blogging you...

Monday, March 13, 2006

BioWare: Massively Multiplayer Online RPG Project

BioWare: Massively Multiplayer Online RPG Project

So one of my favorite game companys is getting into the MMORPG business. Not much to the announcement but the forming of a new studio, BioWare Austin, based where else but Austin, Texas.

Some game creation legends are coming on board for this team already, such as James Ohlen.

From the article:

"lead designer is James Ohlen, BioWare's Creative Director, whose previous credits include lead or co-lead design roles on Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic™, Neverwinter Nights™, Baldur's Gate™ and Baldur's Gate II™."

The article mentions a couple of other well known developer types joining the team, as well as that there are some job postings.

What should we expect from a name that's brought us so much fun already?


MJ's new cube space

MJ's new cube space
Originally uploaded by Tojosan.
As promised, here is a picture of that redecorating I mentioned.

This cube has had one long desk section and one short removed. All underdesk cabinet drawers have been removed. The two remaining long sections have been placed to allow side by side pair programming.

As a final addition, the floor tiling was recently added.

Good work team!

pair programming workspace

pair programming workspace
Originally uploaded by Tojosan.
This is one of two pair programming work spaces in use by this team.
Two monitors/keyboards paired on one computer system with the same login.
Both coders are able to work on the same code, one typing alternately with the other.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Flooring and Ice cream

Flooring and Ice cream

Just follow the link to an interesting story, documented with generally high quality images.

This is the story of how a cube gets a face lift.

(I took none of these pictures.)

Sunday night and all's well

It's Sunday evening, and all is well.

A good night's sleep. Then off to a great church service. From there with a friend and her daughter to one of our favorite chinese restaurants.

After parting ways with them, it was off to home. Where we have spent the rest of the day relaxing, catching up on somethings, cruising the net, and snagging a show.

I've also been playing with the Nikon Coolpix P2, a digital camera.
Not much to see here, but please check out my flickr site.

Anyway, hope the weekend was great for you too.

My lovely wife

Wife in Alley
Originally uploaded by Tojosan.
Quick snapshot of my wife in the alley beside where we hold church.

Taken with Nikon Coolpix P2.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Nightstand book collection and stuff

Think I have enough stuff to read?

Ganeldar and Spuds - dancing

Ganeldar and Spuds - dancing
Originally uploaded by Tojosan.
My son and I in EQ2 having a bit of emote fun.
Using the /dance emote.

This picture with 256mg PCIx video card, ATI.

Guess which I am.

I know what kills folks with Diabetes

I figured it out today; I know what kills folks with Diabetes. It is the huge expense of testing strips and needles.

Well it isn't the cost that kills, though those faint of heart my actually faint at the prices. It is the fact that if you were a less than wealthy individual, those test strips alone might come under the 'do I really have to eat or test' category. One box of 100 I priced today was over $90.

That doesn't mean much till you match it with the fact that some diabetics test themselves maybe four times per day, every day. At that rate, that's about a 25 day supply. Hmm, that works out to about 14.5 boxes/year. Or a bit over $1300 for the year.

So what does one give up to afford just the testing strips. Now add in the needles, doctors visits, special low carb foods...well you get the picture.

I no longer wonder why diabetes kills so many. Somewhere, someone is producing those for a few dollars on the box and selling them at an incredible markup to the pharmacy. And magically, now that they've researched eight ways to Sunday how to test your sugar, who's working on fixing the problem.

There isn't an easy answer, and no one person is to blame. But if you are in a position to help, please do so.

Rant over,

table in red and white

table in red and white
Originally uploaded by Tojosan.
experiment with digital camera, Nikon Coolpix P2

Stephen King Book Collection - partial

Just a handful of my Stephen King collection. Mostly hardbacks setting on a shelf.

Things I was reminded of by my friends..

1) It is OK to laugh at yourself
2) They do appreciate you
3) You can have lunch and intelligent conversation at the same time
4) Experiment with life
5) We do rub off on each other

Things I learned at work this week...

1) You can redecorate (photos to come)
2) Sometimes they do listen
3) Nobody sees your white board
4) Some people don't like praise
5) Flexability is a priority

Friday, March 10, 2006

Lots of Mac

Lots of Mac
Originally uploaded by edscoble.
Lots of Mac pic, blogged for my Macophile friends.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

A chinese delicacy?

Warning, this link may prove harmful to your appetite, and other things.

Reuter's video from the Oddly Enough collection.

Pardon my newness to Reuter's video. I've really never explore their site, and now I'm not sure about the choice tonight. LOL.


2005 Theatricle Market Statistics Report - MPAA

2005 Theatricle Market Statics Report (PDF)

All over the net you are going to see that MPAA is saying movie receipts are down. But not one site out of several I visited had even a link to the MPAA, let alone to the actual document with the stats. So here it is. Also see, if the link won't work.

The gist is that receipts were down both in the US and worldwide. Theatre admissions were actually down in the US by nearly 9%.

That's the downside stuff. What you aren't really seeing is the upside stuff. There were more top grossing (>200mill) this year than last. Average gross for MPAA rated films was up over 7%. This is with movie ticket price going up an average of 3.2%.

What the report implies is that viewers are seeking alternatives, mostly in the DVD arena. The report draws a tenuous connection between movie goers into more technologies as being more avid movie goers.(>1 more movie per year on average).

Another factoid is that in several areas cost remained the same or decreased.

I leave it to the reader to decide if any of the statistics in the report or the report overall is newsworthy.

Heck, I'm honestly not sure the MPAA is newsworthy considering this is probably the first time I've visited their main home page directly. :)

Over and out,

A Meditation On the Speed Limit

A Meditation On the Speed Limit - Google Video

Disclaimer: I'm not addicted to Google Video

Okay, so here's another great video. This is a theme based movie create for a campus moviefest at Georgia State Univ. The theme is 5.

The group did a movie about driving 55. Interviews are done with the drivers and camera operators; giving them a chance to describe their feelings about the experience, what they learned, and how it was making the movie.

I'd love to give a try to what they did; well, maybe in my dreams, what with road rage today.

Overall, the production quality of this video is significantly above the average for most posted on Google. The sound was clear, the video capture great, and the action shooting wasn't bad.

A variety of sources were used from various cars, and above traffic as well.

Though I don't agree with their conclusions, it doesn't make this any less enjoyable.

Good job,

This is Chris Drexler calling...

ring ... ring... ring...

Hello? Hello?

Hi, this is Chris Drexler. I'm with Charter Communications. May I speak with Mr or Mrs...

Not interested tonight, thanks. Good night.


I can't believe he gave his name! So guess who gets his name posted on the internet. Who is this mysterious fellow? Did he really work for Charter? Perhaps he was a phone phisher? Or is this him?

Well anyway, at least I told him to have a good night. Do you think he'll enjoy it as much with his name immortalized on the net?


Baby Got Book

Baby Got Book ( - Google Video
This video is just great! Good for a few laughs, and family safe.

Parody video of Baby Got Back song and video.
Hint: this guy likes a red letter edition like me


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Never Disturb a Gamer

Never Disturb a Gamer... - Google Video

This video will startle some, and make others cheer.
I'm worried about those ones. :)
(aka part time gamer)

Otaku = my son, one more thought

short note...

ramenlover son;

Otaku = my son

Otaku(Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Otaku son="anime";

Can you say DBZ, Full Metal Alchemist, Fruit Basket(don't ask me), Yu Yu Hokisho, and more I can't spell or pronounce.

3/8 Sugar levels

Morning 107
Evening 109 (just over 2 hours after dinner)

point of reference - 100 is high

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Morning Sugar 3/7


Wal-Mart Enlists Bloggers in P.R. Campaign - New York Times

Wal-Mart Enlists Bloggers in P.R. Campaign - New York Times

According to this NY Times article, Wal-mart is using bloggers to gain the publics heart...or at least speak to them.

The article makes public a sort of viral marketing campaign conducted via bloggers. In short, a Wal-mart hired gun searched out blogs with sympathetic postings to Wal-mart, especially centered around recent litigations. These bloggers were then emailed some in the know material, with a positive spin. The hope being that already supportive bloggers would have more to work from than opinion and attitude.

One of the factoids mentioned is about job applications in an Illinois area versus how many actual positions were available. This number is contrasted with college acceptance percents at Harvard and for the Navy SEALs. Interesting, but important?

In any case, the article doesn't come down clearly in favor or against this practice but does point out something else of interest. The hired gun, in the NY Times opinion, appears to be a man of mutable values. It is pointed out how prior to and during his employment by Wal-mart, that this individual is a regular blogger, and a highly opinionated conservate. This I suppose would contrast with his working for Wal-mart? His viral publicity tactics? His support of a company resistant to being forced under government regulation? Hmmm...

In summary, it was an interesting read mostly for the idea of working with bloggers, giving them something for free, and letting them run with it.

Hey Wal-mart! I'm always sympathetic to common sense. Come see me if you want someone to rant about the RU drug issue.
Oh yeah, if you provide wi-fi access in your store, I could blog while my wife is on her third visit to our local Wal-mart this week.

Over and out,

Mac OS X Security Test

Mac OS X Security Test(Univ of Wisconsin Madison)

This site is in response to an earlier posted article on th enet from our friends at ZDNet- article. The original article reports that a Mac running OS X was placed on the internet and hacked in under 30 mins. The ZDNet article goes onto report from the 'hacker' that this was a known vulnerability, but unreported to the public at large, and unpatched in OS X to date.

The Mac OS link above takes you to U of W's special testing site. They have placed a Mac Mini running "Mac OS X 10.4.5 with Security Update 2006-001" on the net. There are two local accounts, and ssh and http are open. The writer comments that this is "a lot more" than most Mac OS X machines will ever have open.
Experiment closes -
"The testing period will be closed at 11:59 PM CST on 7 March 2006 (0559 GMT 8 March 2006)"

Disclaimer: I don't own a Mac but know some Mac fans in real life.

Slashdot has also linked to this article.


Monday, March 06, 2006

Guinness and a Mac

Originally uploaded by QuattroVageena.
what more could a man ask for to kick back and relax.

Tojosan - whose favorite beer is Guinness

EDIT: the puter in the background is a Mac mini. The monitor is one of Apple's. I am easily confused when looking at a bottle of Guinness. :)

Web users 'only visit six sites'

Web users 'only visit six sites' - Web User News
They needed a survey to figure this out? I do suppose though, that you have to justify or reason out how you want to design your government site.

One of the other factors not mention isn't just aggregation, but not needing to visit some sites. The use of RSS feeds by both feed readers and consolidation news sites removes the need to visit the RSS sites.

Another factor is that 'fun' sites, such as Popcap games are big time wasters. Some folks probably get no further than that. Other individuals may never leave their email site, such as GMAIL, because that is their social focal point.

Of course, just being simply utilitarian, some folks just don't visit any site they don't have a need for. These folks probably don't follow many random links either.

So, how many sites do you actually visit each day? Or do you aggregate, or RSS feed? Or simply go online and flickr surf?

Over and out..
to surf my six sites...

Snow Glass Apples

Seeing Ear Theatre: Original Playhouse:Snow Glass Apples by Neil Gaiman

An overpowering short story, read by an enjoyable cast from Seeing Ear Theatre.

This is not for the faint of heart or ear. A dark tail of fear and dread, of a wise woman, fated to deal with the price of her own fortune.

Warning: graphic descriptions


Sugar in the morning...


"All Marketers are Liars" - Seth Godin speaks at Google

"All Marketers are Liars" - Seth Godin speaks at Google - Google Video
I'm not marketing guy but this hit home. The bottom line...make a product that's remarkable and present it at the right time with right story to the right people.

Worry about making a product people will talk about and meets a need, more than making a product just because you can.

Thanks Mr Godin and Google.


Harper Lee tops librarians' must-read list

Guardian Unlimited Books | News | Harper Lee tops librarians' must-read list
Interesting article at the Guardian Unlimited, a British zine.
It sums up the results of a survey done with librarians that asks the question "Which book should every adult read before they die?"

Harper Lee's To Kill a Mocking Bird is #1. Bet you can't get what #2 is.

Some surprises for me:
Winnie the Pooh
A Clockwork Orange


YouTube - Mortal Kombat Theme

YouTube - Mortal Kombat Theme
These two young gentlemen have a bright future ahead...perhaps making theme parodies!

This honestly made me laugh inspite of how sad it was.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Charlene Li's Blog: Forrester’s corporate blogging solutions evaluation, Part 2

Charlene Li's Blog: Forrester’s corporate blogging solutions evaluation, Part 2
Very interesting read if you are interested in the process a company goes through for selecting blog tools.

They thoroughly listed out their criteria, including such things as search, RSS, and the editor. This is taken at a stepping off point of their current tool, apparently Typepad.

The company I work at is utilizing Wordpress. Wordpress seems easy enough to use, supports Rich Text, links, tagging, comments, and security features. Wordpress can be hosted entirely on an internal server as well.

I'm anxious to read the next installment, and find out what areas are compromised on, and which are highlighted. And of course, when a final product is selected.

Good wishes Forrester!


Saturday, March 04, 2006

sometimes what my head feels like...

Originally uploaded by teclafuelleboton.
the drilling into part that is..
(migraine sufferer)

Diagnosis of Diabetes

Diagnosis of Diabetes
According to this site, I might be prediabetic. But I'm pretty sure that is splitting hairs.
Oh well, one more thing to have to worry about these days.

American Diabetes Association Home Page

American Diabetes Association Home Page
So I visit the doctor this week about my depression, and not feeling well and guess what?

Another Saturday night...

but I do have somebody. And I do have some money since I just got payed.
How I'm glad I have someone to talk to. I'm in a grateful way.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Talk Chalk - Google Video

Talk Chalk - Google Video
Okay, this is scary on sooo many levels.
My son and friends first submission to Google Video.