Monday, July 31, 2006

Slow news day

Posting just to post tonight. It's been a slow news day all around. Work was average. Same old same old as we used to say in the Navy. The evening has been quiet too. Not a complaint, just seems almost anticlimatic.

My wife is back and the evening hasn't much changed, though we did eat dinner and watch a show together. It is comforting hearing her in the next room though. :)

My boss was telling me it may be the first week of October before he can spare me. Of course now that depends on if they can find a replacement for me. Which he made it sound wasn't very promising. He mentioned too that maybe they wouldn't replace me. What does that mean? Limbo? ARGH!

Don't hate the people, hate the game right? It is frustrating though that some folks just can't think outside themselves more. I'm probably just as guilty as the next guy though. :(

Just keep me in your prayers on that one please.

Anyway, so what gives with Israel and those 'rebels'? What's so hard about not shooting at each other?
Please pray for both sides on this one. Pray that some good will come of this, some light shown, some mercy given.

Did you program today? What's with that word? At what point did program shift from noun to verb? Was it always that way? Did it maybe start as a verb and became the name for thing created? Sadly, another day I didn't touch any code, look at any code, create any code, even think about any code at work. Thank goodness I'm a system analyst on an AS/400. I'd hate to waste that skill sweeping streets.

Can someone learn to be more artistic? Is that a valid question? If you learn to take better pictures through improving your technique, will you likely take pictures that folks are more likely to be interested in or impressed with? Should it matter? In the end does it?

Do geeks make better photographers? Worse? Why?

I need a hot key to drop my current song onto the clipboard for pasting into say a blog post. :)

How many flickr groups are you in? Is more better? Better for what? Are you addicted? Does the amount of groups you participate in vary in reverse relation to your self esteem or in proportion?

Semi-nude shots? No, not drinking semi-nude, but taking pictures of semi-nude individuals. (nope, dogs don't count) Is it a problem? Is it porn? Can you tell? Where does porn really start? On the page or in the mind? Is one man's statue of a naked David another man's porn? Or is it always porn or never?

And I have to ask you, who buys Michaelangelo's notebooks? I've seen those at the book stores lately. I wonder just how many folks can actually appreciate any of the things on those pages of the folks that will purchase a copy. Does it matter if they do? Is it okay to just appreciate the work without understanding any or all of it? Is it elitist to even think that out loud?

I mean who am I to question? I don't have a doctorate of anything. Perhaps only folks with degrees in art or engineering should be allowed to own copies? Hmmm. (secretly dreams that they'd have an Internet operator test much like the one for C.B. radios)

Enough ranting and venting for now. That freed my mind up a bit. Thanks for stopping by.

Your idle minded blogger,

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Welcome Back Lady J!

My wonderful awesome fantastic loved and loving wife is back from Washington.

Can you tell I love her just a little bit?

For those not in the know, she was off visiting our daughter-in-law and our granddaughters, Angel, Alex, and Dani. She has thus returned, a bit travel weary but all in one piece.

Please welcome back my most favorite person in the world.....Lady J!


Utata Badge

The latest and greatest from, a badge. A badge for our websites, profile pages, or blogs to show off.

Here's the first in the series of badges:

Utata Pool

"Over here at Utata HQ, we're forever trying to figure out new ways for you to proclaim your love of Utata to the world. So, to that end, we're delighted to announce the release of the first Utata Badge."
"It's an ever-updating badge that showcases the latest additions to the Utata Pool. You can drop it into your Flickr profile, post it on your blog or decorate your websites with it - place it anywhere you like (within the bounds of common decency, of course...)"

Lots of fun. Cool stuff. And now where should I put it. :)
Your Utatan blogger,

Most popular post

My most popular post lately is Bare Breast Cover. Go figure that.

Of course it's not that popular. My post on Galvus and Januvia, diabetes drugs, is also popular.

I need to maybe set up links to various diabetes related sites somewhere prominent.

Oh well, your bored blogger,

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Virginia - a vacation photo set by Mike

Virginia is a great place to vacation. My friend Mike just took a short vacation to Virgiana, and specifically to see Colonial Williamsburg.

Please take a few minutes to let him share few of his shots with you here.

Your friend,

emdot: meandering streamies

emdot is a great photographer, and very creative over all. Please check out her blog and her stream on flickr.

Another fine blog for folks to RSS on.


Interesting Searches

Just some of the things that folks searched for recently that lead them here:

breast cover
lance bass
middle-aged gay

Search terms I'd prefer to find that lead here:
St. Louis

just a few examples. I mean, it's not like I don't mention some of those things, but I guess what appeals to folks is the more basic or entertainment focused searches. So I'm guessing folks are searching for programmers in St. Louis who use flickr. :(

Ah well, it's nice that they come visit, even nicer when they leave messages, and most fun when they drop me an email.

But just to help my search odds a bit today:

programmer programming code coding St. Louis Saint Louis tojosan flickr photoblogging

There, I think that should do nicely. :)

Your's laughing,


Originally uploaded by maryanne_b.
Happy Birthday Maryanne_b!
All the great people have July birthdays don't we. :)
Your friend,

Okay, spill it! (

Okay, spill it! is a friend's short rant about trying to potty train her son. She is desperately seeking advice on how to motivate him.

If you are parent that's had success, please visit her blog and help her out. :) It sounds like she's got her work cut out for her.


east side - a photoset on Flickr by beflice

east side is a work in progress by bfelice. She is chronicling East St. Louis through her photos.

Over the last couple of weeks, she's captured pictures of houses, businesses, and urban decay both boldly and colorfully. Her adventure is one I've never taken, and I've spent about 20 years of my life living near St. Louis. Bfelice is a bit more brave than me perhaps. :)

East St. Louis actually is across the Mississippi river from St. Louis, on the Illinois side. It hhas long been in a state of decay, and only recently has there been any positive change that I've observed. Sadly the most prominent businesses one notices from the highway are a few strip clubs.

More power to her on her adventures in East St. Louis. Bfelice, be safe my friend.

Your not so brave photoblogger,

Netflix Queue

Netflix Queue
So I'm finally trying Netflix. I know, several of my friends and associates have raved about it, so I made the leap.

Actually, it has more to do with the constant flood of '2 weeks free' cards I get in the mail, in magazines, when I purchase something at Best Buy....argh. Maybe now that I'm using them, those little offers will magically stop showing up. Care to wager on that? :)

Anyway, the link about is for my queue. Enjoy, share, and send me yours. That way I can know if any of you have been secretly renting porn. It gives me something else to worry about my friends over.

Your movie hound blogger,

PS - I'm finally going to go see 'A Scanner Darkly' today assuming no weird stuff happens.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Utata Thursday Walk - 15

If you aren't a Utata member or heck not even a flickr member, you should still take a look at the latest installation of Utata Thursday Walk.

This would be week 15, Yay!

Each week on Thursday, Utata members are to share pictures and thoughts from a walk. Sort of a mini weekly project.

Utatans can snap shots of whatever they see; there is no required theme or target for these walks. Often this leads to some exploration and some of the most interesting photo finds.

Another nice thing is that you can walk alone or with others, at work, or off in the wild, whatever suits your fancy.

If you are willing to share your photos, consider joining us at our flickr group, and/or at the Utata web site.

Have a good one!

'Babytalk's' Bare Breast Cover Causes Controversy - 'Babytalk's' Bare Breast Cover Causes Controversy

The controversy is about a picture of a nursing baby on the cover of a magazine, 'Babytalk's'. A woman is partially exposed, but the picture, to me anyway, is totally innocent. The free magazine targets mother's of babies.

Check out the article and tell me what you think? Is the cover too explicit? Does the audience make a difference? How do you feel about women breast-feeding in public?

Thought provoking but it says to me that folks do have way too much time on their hands. If your biggest issue is the cover of a mommies magazine..sheesh. (self reflects - of course I blogged about it, ha)


Last day of bachelordom...

Okay, so it's my last day of bachelordom so what's a guy to do? Basically nothing methinks. Ha.

My son and I went out for a Mexican lunch at our local favorite, El Maguey. Lunch was good as usual.

This afternoon is hang out, catch up on the news, and maybe read a book time. I really want to get out and take some pictures but I'm not sure where I'd like to go in this heat. Tomorrow my aim is to make it to another sculpture park and gallery in Kirkwood, Mo. Off of Lindbergh Blvd. I've been seeing some photos from there and it looks interesting.

If I'm real bold, I might trek out to Delmar and the Tivoli theatre and catch A Scanner Darkly. It's been 'showing' in St. Louis since 7/14, but to me showing doesn't count if it only comes to one theatre in the entire 30 mile radius of the city. More of that rant another time.

Anyway, if anyone in good old St. Louis has some free time Friday into Saturday, give me a shout and a heading, I might just come and hang.

Yours and batching it,

Car Accident Follow Up Report

Both Sara and Emily are down for the count. Yesterday Sara was rushed to the doctor at waking in the wee hours in intense pain. She apparently suffered more battering in the accident than was apparent Wednesday night.

Sara didn't indicate that they found anything serious. The doctor did however prescribe both muscle relaxants and pain killers in significant doses. She is sleeping the day away off those.

Emily is also in pain and suffering over her body. Again, she and Sara were wearing seat belts thankfully, and no permanent injuries seem to have occurred.

So please say a prayer of thanks for their safety inspite of them feeling a bit beat up. We heard today the car might be totalled it was so badly damaged. A small miracle they were not injured seriously.

Please also wish them well and keep them in your prayers this weekend, till they are back on their feet.

A thankful parent himself,

Police Arrested Over Tuck Shop Raid

Sky News: Police Arrested Over Tuck Shop Raid

Okay, I only read this article because I thought tuck should be truck. We have truck stops all over the place in the US but I've never seen nor heard of a tuck stop. Apparently it's a police thing across the water, at least in Sussex.

So I read the article only to ask myself two questions:
1) Should you really be giving out candy as a free snack?
2) Why doesn't my work have a tuck stop?! Huh?!

Read it and laugh,

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My most prized possesion by The Steffer

My most prized possesion.
Originally uploaded by The_Steffer.

Lance Bass: "I'm Gay"

Lance Bass: I'm Gay | Lance Bass :
Gee, I would have never guessed that Lance Bass would have leaned that way. He's been such a hero to me in my times of weakness. An inspiration to all men in the world.

Now that he's gotten that off his chest, perhaps the secret that Pamela A's you know what's are fake will slip out too. I'll be devastated about that you know.

Yours in humor,

Nibble before the knife - Not so fast: Pre-op food ban discredited
So it seems the no eating after midnight rule isn't all that useful anyway. I always wondered if 8 hours or so was really required so you wouldn't barf during surgery.

It now appears that even light meals can be eaten up to 4 hours before a surgery and liquids up to two hours befoe. Yay!

I think I'm going to cut myself some slack on the liquids for sure next time I have surgery.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday Evening CloseUp

Well, Sara is good to go, as well as Emily. Emily even made it work this evening.

We had Sara over our house, unplanned, since none of her family was at home. This of course made my son happier with his evening and prompted me to run us out to dinner. Too expensive and didn't leave me in the more upbeat mood I thought it might.

So anyway, both young ladies are back home. Things are quiet in the house, and my kid has a friend over to spend the night. Me? I'm getting a start on the book I received today, browsing the web, and listening to a bit of music.

And how was your Wednesday?


Car Accident

My potential future daughter-in-law, Sara, was just involved in an accident. Another friend of my son, Emily, driving and collided with another car. Sara was Emily's passenger. Luckily both young ladies had their seatbelts on.

The other driver was injured enough to go to the hospital but not without a few tickets first. She pulled out in front of Emily unexpectedly. Apparently both cars suffered enough damage to require towing.

Emily's mother was able to come get her, however she was not willing to take Sara back to her house, onto our's, or to Emily's till this evening. So guess who was lucky enough to not be at work. Moi.

Randy and I took the ride out to the accident scene and picked up Sara. She's shaken up but doesn't appear much the worse for wear.

More later if there is anything interesting to tell.

Happy Belated Birthday to me!

Thank you my friend Mike. I just got this surprise package from Amazon. Something off my wishlist.

Way cool, it's Neal Stephenson's book, In the beginning was the command line.

One of my favorite authors of fiction, this should prove an enlightening and entertaining read.

Quote from the Amazon review:
"Stephenson tackles many myths about industry giants in this volume, specifically Apple and Microsoft. By now, every newspaper reader has heard of Microsoft's overbearing business practices, but Stephenson cuts to the heart of new issues for the software giant with a finely sharpened steel blade. Apple fares only a little better as Stephenson (a former Mac user himself) highlights the early steps the company took to prepare for a monopoly within the computer market--and its surprise when this didn't materialize. Linux culture gets a thorough--but fair--skewering, and the strengths of BeOS are touted (although no operating system is nearly close enough to perfection in Stephenson's eyes)."

Thanks again my friend!

For my other friends, please check out Mike's flickr stream too.

Having a good day, inspite of watching my son's stitches come out...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Zero Tolerance Rocks!

Zero Tolerance Rocks!

Friend of mine's band, Zero Tolerance, has a web site. Please forgive a bit of slowness but check it out, see their song list, and maybe book them for a job.

My flickr score

My flickr score, courtesy of flickrInspector.

Tojosan's flickr score: 2633

St. Louis Panorama

St. Louis Panorama
Originally uploaded by anela.
From the top of the Arch by my friend Val.
From her recent Arch visit with friends.

First words

Another very short submarine story.

What are the first words every new submariner hears as he's crossing the gang plank for the first time?

"Ah, fresh meat."

Answered Prayer

Well, it's settled, I've been formally offered the new position at work and accepted it. Even my current boss congratulated me.
Now I'm not sure how I feel about that, since it involves no change in pay, pay grade, title, type of position or any of that important stuff. I'm changing groups is all. Filling an all too obvious void it seems.

Now the problem comes in about making that transition. Most folks would go almost snap/pow and bam, I'd be in the new group. But not in my situation. Apparently, I'm suddenly a hard to replace asset. Hmmm.

Yeah, my current boss is telling my new boss that we might be able to get me over there full time in October. (checks calendar, hmm, still July) WOWSERS! OCTOBER! What the heck?! I want out nowwwwwww!!!!! Anyone listening?!

I'm mature enough to understant a transition period but my goodness, three months? Isn't it nice to be loved?

Reminds me of trying to leave my first boat. I had orders in hand, a house to move, a physical to complete, and a family to get packed up on the road. Three weeks before I'm to leave basically, the boat has a three week deployment. Okay, sounds totally hard to work out, but no. They had two stops in the middle, both at home port.

So I'm thinking, go out for a week, help them train for the examination they'll be taking at the end of the three weeks. Hmm, not so much. They decided I was too valuable to let go after just one week.

So during the 2nd week I'm saying, how about letting me off at the end of this week. That will leave me one week to pack my household up and clean the apartment, check out via medical, and get on the road. HMMM, not so much. Suddenly they don't think I know enough to be picked up for the exam on the last two days. Yep, I was too valuable, now I could carry water in a pale. Ugh, and they still want me to be on board all of the last week. Double ugh.

So they don't let me off, my wife wonders where I'm at, and the apartment is not packed up, I've missed medical appointments. Week three is only three days, a scheduled pull in to pick up the exam team, then back out for two days. I beg to get off the boat and let someone else participate in the exam. Nope, I'm too key to let go. I'm the only one that can cover my watch station. The Engineering Officer even forbids me to go to the peer for fear I might go AWOL.

I lay it on the line then. I tell them since they are holding me under duress(military rules notwithstanding) that I could easily make them fail the exam. Flub something up on my watch station, fail the verbal and written exams. Blow a drill. Hmm, lots of ways to make it go bad. (Sadly, I have too much integrity to do any of those things. So I didn't.)

The exam comes and goes, and we are pulling into port, and who do I run into, but the XO. He says to me, "Todd, why are you on the boat, I told the Engineer to not keep you this last week, so you get get ready to go." Hmmm.

A few hours later, we pull in and I've go forward and pack my stuff, get my papers and getting ready to go. The Engineer and my leading petty officer stop me and start giving me guff about where do I think I'm going? Who told me I could go? I calmly told them the XO and the Captain. They decided to physically block my way. The conversation the Engineer then had with the XO was very short and one-sided. Bon Voyage USS Atlanta. I had two days to do all my medical appointments, administrative checkout, and pack up my apartment. God blessed us with a couple of friends to help out and we scurried out of town with just enough days to drive straight for me to check in at the next place. What fun.

A little side note. The whole engineering group was stressed about it, and even several of the senior men and officers had stood up for me to try to get me out of the last few weeks. So to make a point, everyone grew sideburns, like mine. Talk about hilarious!! Some people are just not meant to have any facial hair. Ha.

And we adopted and sang tons of times a theme song, Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet. Between those things, boy were my boss and the Engineer ticked off. :) I couldn't stop laughing some days over that. Just imagine a bunch of overly hairy faces laying in the bilge, cleaning in the overheads and all singing Margaritaville.

Anyway, I feel a little bit if that now, so if you hear me singing Margaritaville, you'll know why.

have a good one,

Monday, July 24, 2006

WikiHome - JotSpot Wiki (continuouspartialattention)

WikiHome - JotSpot Wiki (continuouspartialattention)
Great little read.
Does this apply to you?

Favorite Flickr Artist of the Week - Fack to Bront

Originally uploaded by Fack to Bront.
This photo is titled sleepless. An artist inspired by portaits, no style is avoided. Vision that always brings interesting things to light like this fish-eye shot.

Anndra is one of my favorite flickrites. His portrait work is creative and engaging. His love of people in his lense, brings both harsh reality, and flights of fancy to light.

Fack's photographs of people are never ordinary. From the lady, apparently abused, to faces seen only in movies and dreams, he delights and engages. For a break, I've seen wonderful scene shots, sharp and detailed, each a story itself.

Though currently in Scotland, he has an eye for the world. His photostream is popular with folks from everywhere, and some are moved even to write about it, see here.

Please take a moment to check out his flickr stream. Relax, enjoy, and take a step into his vision of the world.


Things to pray for...

In case you're the praying type, my small list of things you can pray for me about.
1) A potential job change (new position at work)
2) My wife's safe return home (from visiting our granddaughters)
3) My sanity till then (doh)
4) My return to full health (can't shake this bug)
5) To have a heart of forgiveness (of a houseguest that overstayed)

If you find money easier to come by than prayer tonight, I do have an Amazon wish list. :)

Thanks for your thoughts.

Smiled Today?

Face Me
Originally uploaded by Tojosan.
Just a quick post, so in case I do nothing else worthwhile today, I share a smile.

Last one...I promise

The Movie Of Your Life Is A Black Comedy

In your life, things are so twisted that you just have to laugh.
You may end up insane, but you'll have fun on the way to the asylum.

Your best movie matches: Being John Malkovich, The Royal Tenenbaums, American Psycho

What 2007 car is for me? Okay, don't laugh too hard

You Should Drive a Saturn Sky

You're sleek and smooth, and you need a car to match your hot persona.
Besides, sometimes you want your top up - and sometimes you want it down.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

What's my pirate name?

Your Pirate Name Is...

Black Ian the Infected

I could pass 8th grade math...again..

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 9/10 correct!

Bachelordom - a weekend without her

So what would you do, you have the weekend to be a bachelor again....

Well, I know what some guys do, and I know what other guys talk about...but here's what I did..

Headed out to Tower Grove Park, downtown St. Louis, for the Festival of Nations...

Tried some exotic food there....

Topped off later with Asada at my favorite and the only Argentine restaurant in all of St. Louis metro area, Tango...

Somewhere I grabbed a shower...

On Sunday morning, I was slow getting out of bed, but off to church it was...

So yeah, that's what I do when I batch it! A life less interesting without my better half..


Friday, July 21, 2006

'Fearless' US release update and poster revealed

'Fearless' US release update and poster revealed
Kung Fu Cinema - a martial arts film web site - has a great little article I'm remiss in pointing out. It is a write up about the pending US release of 'Fearless', Jet Li's 'final' martial arts movie.

In summary, the planned release has moved back from August 4th to September 22nd. Oh well, with my luck it will only make one screen in one theatre in St. Louis for just one week. And of course, I'll miss it. :)

Rants aside, the article contains links and a great direct quote from the US information release by Rogue Pictures.

If you dig martial arts flicks in general, or Jet Li personally, go check out the short read.

Your chopsake fan,

Utata Makes Music

Utata Project Central

Another great project for your enjoyment at

The project, Utata Makes Music is the first of its kind on Utata, and perhaps for any photoblogger group.

Images are tagged so that the Utata site can find them and display them as CD cover art. Some of these have turned out very well.

Please do check out the project and leave a comment or two behind.

Your photobugged friend,

PhotoBlog - T.J. In the world


My little personal corner of the web on One of these days, I'll have the full shebang with my very own very cool URL, but until then, my Photoblog resides here.

I'm trying to post one picture/day. I'll try to post some here that aren't necessarily on my Flickr page. If you see something interesting, please comment. With each picture will be my thoughts related to it too.

Your friend,

Wish List

If you get anxious to spend some money or laugh at someone, then please do check out my humble Amazon wishlist.

Nothing too expensive if you are in the gift giving mood.

If you are a friend, please feel free to drop your list here or to me via email.


The Evolution of Dance

The Evolution of Dance - Google Video

Hilarious! If you love those funny little bits of dance retrospective - this is for you.
It's Google Video quality - so you get what you pay for.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bachelordom - a day off

Trip to Lafayette Sq. - $3
Lunch at Sqwires - $22
Long chat about life, the universe and flickr with friends? priceless
What are your bachelor days like?


Randall's Life and Anime/Manga Blog

Randall's Life and Anime/Manga Blog
My son's new blog. Enjoy.

Dragon's Roar

Dragon's Roar
Originally uploaded by Tojosan.
Cool t-shirt given to me by my wife and son as a birthday present.
I'm going to be sporty wearing this. :)

Thanks both of you,


So I'm off today. Oh wait you say, not news to you. :) My wife is always telling me I'm off.

Well today I'm off work, well not exactly but just go with it. I'm off work after driving in and hanging out two hours catching up on support. (support loosely translates to keeping up on or getting ahead of any problems.) Then, because our building has no power, the big boss sends us home.

So I'm packing up my gear, and I call my actual boss. Guess where he is? Sitting in the dark over at our regular building with my coworker. And they tell me they've been waiting for me. Now is this ridiculous. They'd been told to leave the building and came in and sat anyway. Go figure. So they thought I didn't come in. I thought they didn't come in. Good grief.

So anyway, I talk to him and explain what our big boss said, about critical work only blah blah, go home. So he says, okay sure, but oh yeah, since your coworker only has dialup, how about you um log in and check on things. That would be greeeaaatttt. Right T, you'll do that right.

Sillly me, of course I will. Wouldn't want my cool coworker to have to work over dialup or anything. And oh yeah he says, I'll be needing your cell phone number before I go. My cell phone number? The one I leave off? The one no one has? Yes, T, I'll be needing that cell phone number, thaaaannnnkkk yoooouuu. Just in case you know.

I gave up with the whole, "my home phone works you know", speach. It never works. He so desperately wants to be able to call em anywhere. Like I'm going to answer if I'm not home. :) Well, I have too much of a conscience argggghhhh. So I might.

But anyway, now I'm home, still feeling miserable being sick and all. I've been messed up since the weekend. With the power out last night, I slept only a few hours and coughed all the rest of the night. Ugh. But hey, a little A/C, a bit of fluids, some Waltusin, and I'm doing passable. So who knows what opportunities the day will bring.

Your sick and home, but cool,

Faux Singleness - Movies to rewatch

If you are suddenly 'batching it' for a week or two...what movies would you watch again, that the spouse might be a bit burnt on?

1) The Terminator
2) The Transporter
3) Desperado
4) The Matrix
5) Any Jackie Chan flick

What about you? If you are suddenly having a week without your dearly beloved, what movies would you be watching?

Your movie buff,

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Every Topic in the Universe(s?)

Every Topic in the Universe(s?)

This blog actually made laugh. Just read the entry Enough already with the heavy posts.
Check it out here.

Self promotion or self-debasement, whichever it is, this is another tool to get folks to your blog.

This one works on displaying 25 thumbnails each linked to someone's blog. The most visited stay on the main page.

Click here to see for yourself. The page loads slow. Be warned.


10 things to do when batching it

1) Watch a movie without pause.
2) Read a whole book in one day.
3) Cook dinner.
4) Sob with loneliness.
5) Flip channels.
6) Drink all her tea.
7) Eat the last of the ice cream bars.
8) Drive the same car every day.
9) Stay up late - oh wait, I already do that too often.
10) Ummm, can't think of anything else I want to do alone that wouldn't be better with her.

Oh well, I guess I'm not bachelor material anymore.

Yours and missing her,


Well, my wife has up and left me....NOT. But she has flown the coop. Oh wait, that doesn't sound right either.

Okay, I'm coming clean, she went to visit the granddaughters. Scarily, that leaves me in charge. And for like the fourth time this week, someone said to me, "oh so you guys are baching it." Since when did "baching" become a word?

When I hear something that sounds like that, I think of batching. As in batching things together to run. Okay for you nonprogrammer types, think of batching as gathering together something. When we gather a batch, we often deal with them all together.

Another thing for batching is running something in batch. Which doesn't mean grouped, but something totally different. Running something in batch often means running it unattended, in it's own process.

Wait, that sounds a lot like me, unattended, on my own (cept my son). Oh no, maybe all week folks have been referring to me batching it, like in programming. ARGH. Help, someone talk to me in normal speak.

Batching it and lonely,

Donation King Wal-mart!

Wal-Mart donations top $4M in Colorado - The Denver Business Journal:

I used to much prefer Donut King, but hey, I'll take Donation King in a pinch. Yet another story about your friendly neighborhood super ..... Wal-mart. Yeah, I know, I write about them a lot. So I won't give my opinion about Wal-mart tonight, but will comment on the article.

It brings to light both local Colorado donations Wal-mart has made but its total nationwide contributions. This is great, but is taken in comparison to no other companies similar to them. If the article author wished to make a more interesting statement, then perhaps comparing Target's donations would have really given us a feel for how much $319 million is for such a company.

Another downside to the article is that after apparently praising Wal-mart, the writer makes sure to sum up all of the negative critisizms of Wal-mart in the closing paragraph. As if folks need to hear something bad to balance an otherwise positive report. To add insult to injury, the closing paragraph is more opinion than about the facts. Go figure.

Check it out if you are interested in hearing about how one large company puts back into our communities.

Future Daughter In Law's(?) MySpace Page

Only click here if you are brave or stupid. All others please avoid this typically overloaded Myspace personalized page.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Flickr Favorite of the Week - Abdul

Sushi & Sashimi Deluxe
Originally uploaded by Abdul R.
This photo is titled Sushi & Sashimi Deluxe. It is a sushi and sashimi photo taken at Masuya restaurant in Sydney, Australia. Abdul frequently shares his food adventures in local Sydney restaurants. That's what drew me to his stream.

Abdul has become one of my Flickr favorites for his friendly personality and fun photography. He not only shares food shots but shares the good times he and his girlfriend and friends have.

His shots not only cover their dining experiences, but Abdul takes us siteseeing right along side. Fun captures of local Sydney architecture, as well as the wonderful outdoors sites are great.

Abdul currently lives in Australia. Photography isn't his job but a side hobby. Though he has recently introduced his girlfriend to it.

Please take a minute or two to share in Abdul's joy for life.
See is flickr stream here.

Your flickering friend,

Flickr Favorite of the Week - Delayed due to Birthday

Okay, I know it's not incredibliy hard to post one, but hey, give a man a break okay. (grin)

I'll get to one today to share with everyone. Don't worry, they aren't going anywhere.
In the mean time, please enjoy this one from my stream.
It's my birthday

Sunday, July 16, 2006

T.J. In the World

I've been working on an actual website. Currently it's .Mac hosted, but it's a start. There are a few things up there, and soon enough to be more. The format is likely to change, so check back often.

Check it out here.


Birthday Weekend Day 2 - Saturday

So after sleeping off our exhaustion from Friday, we arose, and scooted out of that not so great hotel. Breakfast was a quick meal at Ryan's off St. Charles Rock Road. Good buffet.

Then it was off to Benton Park West, a St. Louis neighborhood in rehab. It was a St. Louis Photobloggers meetup. The neighborhood president, Chad, greeted us and welcome us inside his home.

His home, among several on the block is in a rebuild and recover condition. The home was a mix of original architecture and modern design. Decorations included both paintings, pictures, and chandeliers. The kitchen was beautiful, with a four station layout. Two sinks, two dishwashers and plenty of counter space were hallmarks.

Chad offered us refreshments as well as the tour. After that it was off to the neighborhood.

A house repainted but still in need of work. You can see it's sunk somewhat. Several houses had this problem.

This is just a snapshot of their community sitting garden. It is maintained by community members. There are a variety of flowers and plants, as well as cement sculptures and benches. Very nice for a being maintained by the locals.

And finally, one of my shots of the actual photographers in action. Jason is on the ground. For better or worse, this wasn't his only time being there. Then there was the shot in the street. Oh my.

There was more to do the day for me once we rounded up here. It was off to the Boathouse restaurant in Forest Park for lunch. We'd never eaten there, so it was a new experience too. Due to heavy business and heat, we opted for the beer garden seating. Nachos and chicken filled our empty tanks, along with a couple 20 oz bottles of ice cold water. Ahhh.

After that rest, we made our way up the road the St. Louis Museum of Art. This is always a great place to visit. I'll share my favorite photo from there before signing off this post.

I'll be sharing out more pics and fun here and on my flickr account. Please stop back by and check them out, comment if you're up to it.
Your St. Louis weekend tourist blogger,

Benton Park mosaic

benton Park mosaic
Originally uploaded by SoulNoir.
A very nice mosiac of the St. Louis Photobloggers during the Benton Park West meetup in St. Louis.

Thanks SoulNoir!
Your new friend,

Visual Web Developer on a Mac

C# Nuggets : Visual Web Developer on a MacBook
Of interest solely to my Mac using readers that also happen to be developers on Winblows machines.

Sesame Street and Wal-mart join hands's Kidology: Sesame Workshop joins hands with Wal-Mart Stores

Wal-mart and our friends behind "Sesame Street" are joining together to bring outreach kits for children of soldiers deployed in Iraq.

These kits are designed to ease the stress of those children, to give them strength and encouragement. The Talk, Listen, Connect kits will be available online at They will also begin distribution on August 1st.

The target age range is for ages 3 to 5. Just right for my granddaughters, whose father is currently in Iraq. Check it out if you family or friends are dealing with this situation. I'm going to recommend it to my daughter-in-law.

Your soldier's father,

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Two Faced - a photoset by Linda B

Two Faced
Enjoy the two face show. You might see something scary or fun.

So it's my birthday...

So Sunday I'm 42, how about you? I've felt both older and younger this year than many before. Uncovering the fact that I'm diabetic has made the last 5 months much different than the 7 before.

Am I doing anything special? Well, not because it's my birthday only exactly, as we had some plans but in a way. It's always special to me when my wife and I have time together not being parents or workers or whatever, but being a couple in love, doing things together.

We took time out to spend Friday night away from home at a hotel. Our son had multiple friends over to spend the night, keeping him company. But our evening wasn't just fun and games at the hotel. :)

It was first off to dinner at Surf and Sirloin. Run by one of the Spiros restaurant family, this restaurant border on upscale, with a menu to match. The prices were not unduly high, but the service was. I'll write a longer review but overall we enjoyed our experience very well.

Since dinner was early, we decided to go out for a stroll. Our venue of choice? Laumeier Scultpure Park. The sculpture park is really more of a large park first, and a sculpture exhibition second. But oh my what sculptures and art work! Check some out here. Walking around the park was fun but exhausting. We had quite worked off dinner, and had a hankering for desert.

West County Mall is where we chose to fill the desert and rest needs. Not five minutes into the mall, while checking out the directory, who did we run into but the cream maker for Marble Slab. He sold us on the idea of trying some of their ice cream over our more common choice, DQ. It was a good choice, with Sharon and I both selecting the birthday cake flavored scoops but different mixers. Good stuff.

To top off our evening, we took a stroll around the mall, visiting in a few stores here and there. Of course I had to visit the Apple store, and my wife a women's store, Torrid. Now they had some interesting stuff. We also snagged a moment in Hot Topic to check some things out for our son. That store always has some interesting stuff. Did I say scary? :)

That was just Friday evening, and I'll have to get back to you about Saturday. Oh, and expect a review about our hotel stay. Discounted rate or not, I'll not be going back there.

Your birthday blogger,

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 - Joseph Holst

Joseph is a St. Louis citizen, fan, and photographer. is mostly his photoblog, a window on his world, well shared.

He doesn't post every day but that just means that each shot is better shot! His focus on people and places in St. Louis is great, and he's had work included in a book. His web is frequented for example of photoblogging.

Joseph recently started up a group photoblog, St. Louis Photobloggers. Myself and several other photographers in the St. Louis area contribute. Here you'll find some of the shots you won't see in those prefab St. Louis tour books. You'll find those statues you never knew existed, parts of town you'll swear didn't exist, faces and fun tucked away from the more well traveled areas.

Joseph can say what he wants, but I see him being into sharing his joy for life and especially St. Louis.

Check out his site and the photobloggers one, and smile.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

standing around

standing around - a photoset by zen♫.

zen♫ is one of my favorite flickrt artists, and sure to be coming up one weekend soon. But I wanted to share something especially fun from his collection - standing around.

The standing around collection is a set of shots alwasy containing zen♫'s feet, with various things also in the picture. He varies the subject and his footwear in just about every shot. Some of favorites are composed shots such as this and this.

His work has taken on a more humorous bent as of late, but I've found it refreshing. You can see hints of hit in a lot of his photos.

Please do check out this standing around set, and other photos.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Angelina Jolie, the voice of a Master Entertainment News from The Associated Press:Angelina Jolie to be the voice of a martial-arts master in `Kung Fu Panda'

My son will get a kick of this. Angelina Jolie is voice acting one of the lead characters in the upcoming animated movie, "Kung Fu Panda." Okay, he's not gogga about her particularly, but the cast includes Lucy Liu, Dustin Hoffman, and our personal favorite, Jackie Chan.

This movie will definitely be on our list for next year. Will you be joining me to share some popcorn?

Your movie buff blogger,

Va. gov. gives informal pardon to witch | | Tacoma, WA

Va. gov. gives informal pardon to witch | | Tacoma, WA
Cool little story about a convicted which, now cleared after 300 years.
And people think I worry about things a bit too long.

IT Screen Goddesses

IT Screen Goddesses
I was so hoping this was a joke. IT Screen Goddess it says, but click on the link and you find yourself looking at the homepage for a calendar. A calendar of women in IT.

IT stands for information technology. It's what a lot of us folks who 'work with computers' say we are in when asked. Me, I just say I work with computers. (Hey, I grew up in Missouri.)

Anyway, these fine Australian women in the IT field decided a calendar was the way to raise awareness and money for women and girls headed for IT. Now does that smack of the wrong approach in my mind. I mean, here they are, in jobs where their intellect is the key component, pimping themselves out on a calendar. Their figures and faces the main attraction over their brains. Oh well.

To be fair, there are no racy shots per se. The group of them has chose to reflect various movies and their actors on the pages of the calendar. About the sexiest shot is a Catwoman homage.

It's not the pictures themselves that bother me so much as the fact that the message they send here to young ladies isn't the right one. Just my opinion mind you, but if I see a girl selling her smile, she isn't selling me on her job skills. Unless maybe she's a professional.... oh never mind.

Anyway, it's kinda cute, mostly harmless, and anything from the Aussies is always somewhat cool.
Your web trolling blogger,

The Business of Business

The Business of Business

This is a great article about what businesses today are doing to be more socially responsible. It mentions why such behaviors have come into place, and what some of these are.

One company I don't hear much about, General Electric, is leading the charge to reduce greenhouse gases. This is ahead of future regulatory standards.

Other companies, such as Wal-mart and Goldman Sachs are also becoming more green, increasing fuel efficiency, and becoming carbon-neutral.

It's nice to hear something positive about big business. And surprising to me to find the companies I've mentioned above ahead of the curve on these efforts.

Keep it up big guys!

Your intrepid blogger,

The Carnival of Wal-Mart

The Business of America is Business: The Carnival of Wal-Mart I

The Business of America is Business website is hosting a Carnival of Wal-mart this week. The carnival consists of links to several articles and blogs on the Internet both for and against Wal-mart.

I know, it's hard to believe that folks are 'against' or 'for' a business, but these articles aren't by total unknowns in the media. One of these folks is Howard Dean's former campaign manager, Joe Trippi, quite the outspoken guy.

The people in these articles have some strong views. One of them thinks the left is out to get Wal-mart. Another thinks that folks should boycott Wal-mart.

All in all, you'd have to pick your own side. Me? I'm not for or against Wal-mart, but I am for doing good business. My experience with Wal-mart has been loads better than K-Mart, and the same as Target overall. Do I buy all my named brand electronics there? No, but I don't buy them at Target either. There are stores for speciality stuff. For all the day to day things like underwear though, heck, I go where I get the best value.

If you want a laugh, and some dangerous thought, go check out the link.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Favorite Flickr Artist of the Week - Maryanne_b

Originally uploaded by maryanne_b.
This photo is actuall titled ♥. I know it's simple but hey, go with it. The inspiration is her love of and joy with her mate.

Maryanne_b is one of my favorite flickrites. Her work is an exploration of self and the world around her. The love and joy she shows in her photographs really grabs me, and has attracted quite the viewership.

Though Maryanne's work has focused mostly on herself, that has not limited her creativity. She is constantly experimenting with color and pose, and even moods from joyous to depressed. A window to her sould is open in those scenes.

She currently hails from near Melbourne, Australia. I was unable to locate any other blogging for her, but she often tells whole stories in her photos, perhaps making a seperate website uneccessary.

Please take a few moments to check out her photo stream, and feel the fun. Be warned, some shots are not work safe. (Not nudie picks exactly, but more skin than I'd be willing to see at work for sure.)

Hats off to maryanne_b!
Your friend,

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Flickr: Tojosan's Missouri Botanical Garden photos

Flickr: Tojosan's Missouri Botanical Garden photos

If you've not clued in from recent posts, my family took time out to visit the Missouri Botanical Garden on the 4th. Please take a moment to visit my photos from the garden.



Originally uploaded by Tojosan.
This is my wee dabbling into still life photography. Taken for a weekend Utata project , Still Life - Revisited.

Not my normal photography gig as you'd know if check out my flickr stream.

Let me know what you think if you care.
Your budding photography blogger,

Water Prayer

Water Prayer
Originally uploaded by Tojosan.
They weren't really praying but it sure looks like it!

This stream was ice-cold and the boys were loving it.

I am . . .

I am . . .
Originally uploaded by maryanne_b.
Is it p0rn? Or is it cool? Is it art? Is it safe?
Is it going to be embarrassing to her when her kids see it? Will it embarrass them?

It's self-confidence, fun, power, freedom, power, victory and more, but it's not evil. Maybe overly honest, unashamed, daring, and out there, but not in your face.

This is one of the most visited pictures on Flickr.

What do you call it?

Tango - Argentina Food Restaurant

I've blogged about this fine new restaurant in St. Peters, but just discovered they have a website.

Tango is an Argentina food restaurant, using authentic ingredients and spices. It's not Mexican for sure. The tastes will warm your palate and have you asking for more. As well, the prices are very fair.

Give this fine little place a try. It is located in Old Towne St. Peters, just off Highway 70 at the Mid Rivers exit. Just ask someone if you can't find the area.

Do check out their website, as they have the menu posted, as well as some pictures.

Your hungry blogger,

Friday, July 07, 2006

Argument Over Last Beer Ends With Robbery

Argument Over Last Beer Ends With Robbery, Argument Over Last Beer Ends With One Drinker Robbing the Other - CBS News

Okay, please check out the short article above, and if I ever drink your last beer, please just let me buy you a six pack. :)

Your Guinness fan,

"Catch Me If You Can" thief

Oddly Enough Article ||"Catch Me If You Can" thief

And I thought that movie, Catch Me If You Can was just make believe. It turns out there is a real life woman that fits the bill. The article relates how this woman had over 100 fake IDs. She even taunted police to catch her.

I'm seeing a book deal for this lady. Check out the short article. Get a good laugh.

Your all too lazy to write a real blog post blogger,

Short legs related to excess weight and diabetes

Short legs related to excess weight and diabetes

Gosh, if I'd have only known, I'd have made my parents feed me better. Maybe all those vegetables weren't good for me after all. Ha.

They researchers found not significant correlation for men, but did for women. Overall though, they are pointing out the relationship is related to poor nutrition as a child. In other words, it's not the shortness that causes it, but that having short legs indicates poor nutrition and thus you might be more likely to get diabetes later.

Oh well, kinda late figuring that out after that fact huh?

Have fun with this little note,

Divas d'Vine!

Divas d'Vine!
Into wine? Live in Florida? Please check out this blog by a wine shop owner and diva from Jacksonville, Florida.

Known as Wine Diva on Flickr, she brings a sense of fun to photography. She shoots an interesting variety of things, including her cat, shots from the wine shop, and lately, some very entertaining sets.

Her web site, Divas d'Vine!, is a blog, centered mostly on a group that meets monthly for a wine tasting. Now the only problem is for me that she lives in Florida. Still no excuse to run out and wine taste here. :(

Anyway, give her flickr photos and blog a sample. Let her know Tojosan sent you.

Your all too sober blogger,

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

'Videophilia' Keeps Americans Indoors

'Videophilia' Keeps Americans Indoors

You know what I think? Of course you don't, but just go with it. :) I'm thinking this is obvious to even the most casual observer. Did we really need a study to get this?

What they should be studying is another reason no one goes out hiking, weakness. Yep, weakness. I'm referring to the increasing percent of the population with various weaknesses that are alive today. Weaknesses that years ago would have resulted in at best juvenile death, if not near infant death.

I'm talking about allergies mostly. Today there are more people alive with what would have been fatal allergies even a decade ago. Lots of these folks are on constant feeds of medication just to keep from having some form of attack. And as long as medical technology continues to improve, but not find cures, the number of folks unable to go outside, eat peanut butter, or survive prolong exposure to water will continue to grow.

These folks can't go into cities maybe, or out in the woods, or even down to the local creek. Heck, some come visit the corner store. Me, before I go outside in some areas, I drug myself up with max. strenght allergy stuff for my hay fever, and hope for the best. Some days it works, others I'll sneeze a hundred times.

Anyway, I've ranted enough, and this is a strange post, and I'm not doctor, so please ignore my wild stray silly thoughts...
Have a good one, take your meds, and do go visit some nature if you can,

Three Arrested Trying To Sell Coca-Cola Secret

Three Arrested Trying To Sell Coca-Cola Secret

Maybe these guys are related to those lame armed robbers in St. Charles county. Ha!
Can you say goofballs? This reads like something out of a lame comedy movie. I'm sad it's not.


Have a hood, rob a bank? |Police search for St. Charles County robbery suspects

Short article about two armed robberies commited in St. Charles county today by two men. The men, caught on surveillance video, appear to have simply covered themselves with simple, perhaps homemade, hoods. They robbed a fireworks stand and a gas station.

So much for our bright folks out in St. Charles county. Maybe these guys are out of towners to pull those kind of robberies. And did the one guy think showing off his chest was more scary than wearing a shirt? Maybe it was for the clerk at the gas station, whom they beat with a handgun.

Oh well, let's be thankful no one was seriously injured and pray for a swift capture and judgement.

Your still not worried county resident,

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Chihuly in the Garden

Did I mention that the Missouri Botanical Garden is hosting Chihuly in the Garden from April through October?

To share the joy, my wife and I took along our youngest and his girlfriend to visit the exhibits today. As you can see, they were deeply interested in that.

Um, well, anyway. There were more cool glass to see, like this.

And of course, there were more flowers.

So, we did our exploring this weekend, how about you?

Happy 4th of July,
Your adventuring patriot,

First Nature Hike - Pickle Creek

Our little family decided to do our first real nature walk. We opted to start out small, choosing the Pickle Creek trail. It is in a
conservation area near Hawn State Park in Missouri, not far from Ste. Genevieve.

The trail is about 2 miles long through a wooded area, and mostly following Pickle Creek. Taking the trail counterclockwise ended up being a good choice for us, though done by accident. We didn't see the other end's entrance. Ha.

We had a good time, including my son and his friend Paul. This also gave me an opportunity to try some nature film shots, of which I don't do normally. (I don't count my flower macros.) My wife and I got some fun shots overall. Here's a couple.

A grea experience overall. There was a small injury though. Sharon slipped and slightly twisted her ankle. She's got a wee bit of a bruise now.

Hope you are having an exciting weekend out there. Happy 4th.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Diabetes Mine: Wherefore Art Thou, Galvus and Januvia?

Diabetes Mine: Wherefore Art Thou, Galvus and Januvia?

First off, thanks again to Diabetes Mine for this great find.

The gist is two new drugs are coming out to help in combating Type 2 Diabetes, Galvus and Januvia. these new drugs are two fold medications. They have the effect of increasing pancreas creation of insulin, and simultaneously lover the liver's sugar production. This is in line with our bodies natural functions. Both drugs are in review by the FDA.

Amy Tenderich, Diabetes Mine blogger, mentions the upcoming battle for the global diabetes market. The numbers surprised me. $15 billion this year alone.

My big question? Is my employer in on diabetes research? If not, why not?
Your diabetic blogger friend,

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Photography Heads Up

I'll be posting some photos here that will not be showing up on my flickr pages until later or perhaps never. So keep your eyes peeled. The intent is to use photos with reviews, stories, and thoughts that get posted.

Do you like the size I've chosen recently? Blogger calls that medium. I like it, even if it makes the posts stretch fairly long.

Anyone else have an opinion on the sizing? More photos? Less photos? What's a photo?

A few days ago I posed the question about your plans for the upcoming weekend. Well, receiving only a few person to person responses, I'm guessing not much. :) I'd like to share my excitement with you then.

Saturday our agenda included the Missouri Botanical Garden as a starter and we topped off the afternoon with seeing Superman Returns.

I'd not been to the Garden in several years, and that was for the Japanese Festival. This time our visit was more generic, looking to mostly get acquinted with the garden. One thing that prompted us to visit is the new Chihuly glass exhibit throughout the garden. Mr. Chihuly constructed numerous blown glass craft pieces with the intent of intigration into current park and exhibit areas.

The park was really enjoyable and there were many exciting things to see. For example, one of the main water areas.

As usual there were an amazing variety of species and colors of flowers and plants. Here are a couple of my favorites.

I took several more photos around the park during our couple of hour stay. Some of flowers, a couple of people and one or two of my Virtualtata guests. The walk was great exercise and there was a small breeze. That said, the park did prove a bit large to cover properly in one visit, so we'll be headed back very soon.

We purchased a membership on our way in and discovered they have many good reasons for repeat visits. So look forward to more pictures and stories from the garden.

As for the Superman Returns movie, you'll have to make do with the link, so no photography is allowed in the theatre. Go see this movie. News flash SUPERMAN IS NOT GAY! I know there are going to be some folks that are upset by that. But you know what, it's a movie. Go see it or don't, save your protest breath for real causes and problems.

Little tiny itsy bitsy thing...the music. Listen to the opening movie music. I had flashbacks.

Your movie and mobot lover,

Favorite Flickr Artist of the Week - LadyLong / Ruth Rogers

Maple leaf - finished
Originally uploaded by LadyLong.
This photo is titled "Maple leaf - finishedr". Inspired by other floral concrete artists, she simply dove in to create masterpies like this.

Ruth is one of my favorite flickrites. Her work is beautiful and creative. The love of nature and joy of life is contagious.

Ruth photographs not only flowers and plants, but has shared photos of family, and pets as well. The shots of new born parrots are one of a kind.

She currently hails from Warren, Oregan. She maintains not just an active photo life on Flickr, but blogs - Toasty Frog Blog. A recent post there is a deeply engaging human interest piece.

Please take a minute or 10 to check out Ladylong on Flickr. Relax and smell the flowers.

Your friend,

AOL Said, 'If You Leave Me I'll Do Something Crazy' - New York Times

AOL Said, 'If You Leave Me I'll Do Something Crazy' - New York Times

If you have ever tried to cancel AOL, then this article will interest you. The author, Randall Stross of the NY Times, tells us the story of one man's cancel call from Hell, and another's run in with a tech that fell asleep on his couch.

The article is well written by Mr. Stross, and well organized by the NY Times. Links on the left of the article provide direct acces to the mentioned recordings, press releases, and related documents.

It's a scary and fun read. Enjoy.


Saturday, July 01, 2006


Flickr: Tojosan's photos tagged with lightbox

I've been experimenting lately with a lightbox for photographing things. The link above will take you to some of my better shots, posted on Flickr. So far I've been sticking to single objects in frame, but I believe next up is small groupings. I know, not very exciting, but the lightbox does make from some interesting possibilities and quality.

My favorite out of this set so far is

Belly Laugh

The whole lightbox idea came from here.

Anyway, wish me luck with this and other photography projects. You never know where I might go next.


Virtualtata 06 - Virtual Summer Travel

Flickr: Photos tagged with virtualtata06guest

Another from photo project with my Utata friends!

This project is a lot a fun already, and really a great way to expand at least my photography experience. The deal this time is that we exchanged portraits(from ordinary to crazy) with three other Utatans. They in turn will take us on virtual vacations in their locales.

So far I've been taken for beer a couple of times already and found a sudden interest in gardens.

Anyway, if you have a few minutes, be sure to check out some of the hilarious and odd things are doing on their virtual vacations.

Your virtually vacationing Tojosan