Sunday, February 11, 2007

Crown Candy Kitchen

The counter and beyond
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My wife and I took a road trip to down town St. Louis this weekend. We went in search of the legendary Crown Candy Kitchen. This diner is famous, at least to locals in St. Louis.

Crown Candy Kitchen makes and sells their own chocolate. Alongside a large variety of chocolate and other confections, Crown Candy is a diner as well. Don't let the outside store front and local block fool you. This is worth the visit.

The surrounding block at St. Louis and 14th streets in St. Louis is anything but welcoming. The neighboring buildings are in various statues of decay, and likewise 14th street itself. It almost put us off as to this being the place we'd heard about.

Well, we proceeded in, or almost in anyway. It took us 15 minutes just to squeeze in past the front door, and another 20 or so to get a seat. The place was PACKED! That's no exaggeration, it was literally a line out the door and wall to wall people standing inside.

The place definitely feels and looks like an old time diner. That could be because it is. Originally found almost 100 years ago, the place seems to be at a peak these days in business.

Once seated, our waiter Lawrence was very nice. He had a winning smile and attitude even though constantly on the move. I don't think he stood still any longer than to take our order the whole time we were there.

Our food came out fairly quickly once we picked from all the delectable choices. It's mostly sandwiches but everything sounded too tasty. We checked out a couple of other peoples orders but just decided to go with things we knew. I ordered a Rueben and my wife ordered a breaded chicken sandwich. Both were quite a good size and tasted great.

Check out this shot of our lunch here.

Including a wonderful ice cream sunday, dinner was under $20. We had plenty to eat, making this a rather satisfactory experience.

Sharon picked up a bag of their candy covered malt balls, which she is enjoying very much. So the candy is good too.

Go find it, stay for lunch, take a piece of history home. Crown Candy Kitchen.

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