Thursday, March 29, 2007

Photogamer Challenge #7

Photogamer Challenge #7

Challenge #7 is up and ready to be conquered.

1. Play “Rock Paper Scissors” with someone and take a picture of the game. Get your own hand in the photo! Bonus points for winning. (tag: rockpaperscissors)

2. Take a photo of yourself with an old photo of yourself. (tag: oldphoto)

3. Walk 100 steps and take a picture of from that 100th step. Bonus points if you geotag it! (tag: 100steps)

4. Take a close up shot of a video or computer game. Show us the pixels! (tag: pixels)

5. Find something in public that is less than 6 inches tall and document it. Go low! (tag: low)

Bonus: Go find an old school photobooth and get a photo taken. Bonus points for having more than 3 people in the booth! (tag: photobooth)

Click the link above and join us!

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