Friday, March 30, 2007

Quarters from Heaven

or God wants me to have more Diet Pepsi.

So on Monday through Wednesday of this week I received my money back when trying to purchase Diet Pepsi from the vending machine. Not only did I receive my money back, but of course it was returned in quarters. Mysteriously enough, in each case, at first the drink would come part way free then stick between the slide and the glass.

Gentle rapping on the glass would cause it to fall, then cha-ching, down would come the change. Talk about an unexpected bonus.

I've just chalked this little story up to God reminding me to stick to diet foods. :)


On a tech head note, what that indicates is the mechanism didn't register the soda dropping but perhaps registered it as stuck, thus suspending them payment. Upon release of the soda, perhaps the error clears, causing the change to drop. Interesting how that works. It makes me wonder how simple it would be to fool all the time by applying pressure to the glass directly opposite the soda slot.

Anyone willing to try? Chalk that up to an obHack comment.

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